22 September 2015

Vacation Photos 2

 “I think that when two people 

are able to weave 

that kind of invisible thread 

of understanding and sympathy 

between each other, 

that delicate web, 

they should not risk tearing it. 

It is too rare,

and it lasts too short a time at best....” 

― M.F.K. Fisher

when you've been friends with someone
since you were 12 ....
they know all your secrets
and you know theirs.

Even when you've been apart
for a length of time,
when you pick up the phone
and start talking again,
it's as if the time apart
never happened.

That's how it is for me
and my bestie.
Sixth grade was a long time ago!

Best Friends since 1971

just a couple more shots at the
local museum and this
gorgeous porch!

21 September 2015

Go and Laugh

“Laughter is wine for the soul - 

laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness - 

the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.” 

― Seán O'Casey

Go out and find some laughter!

I found some doing this series of photos .. 
laughter really is the best medicine!

20 September 2015

Vacation Photos

i opted to pull this into a photo

because reflections in a window

can be very fascinating!

When i was on vacation
back in April
visiting my mom,
my bestie from
high school ....

(yes, a few decades ago!)

.... and i stopped at a
local museum and
wandered further out back
and found this old house
with a gorgeous porch

who can resist
using it for a photo op????

Thx for taking photos, M !

19 September 2015

Sadie (again)

i wasn't going to include this photo,
but Sadie photobombed so well,
i couldn't ignore it.  :)

18 September 2015


“In the midst of a busy life 

don't forget to live.” 

― Marty Rubin

When things get too busy,
i often find myself reflecting
on the things i'm doing - 
and whether or not it's 
really living.

All work and no play makes a gal boring!
or so it seems
but then again, when there are things to do, 
momma always said "work before play".

Finding the balance between the two
isn't always easy.
So i do what i can, when i can.

Keep shooting!    that's the goal !

17 September 2015


I found this plastic background sheet
in the party section of my local Walmart
and thought hmm, maybe this would work?

But .... it was a disappointing effort,
so I tossed it into the trash --
after one picture for you, of course!

Life has been crazy busy lately,
and i have hired a personal trainer again,
making things even busier!
but in a good way.

a rare mid-week day off gave me
an opportunity to take photos.  Finally.
and also time to think about how life
has been so busy -- too busy to do
the things i really enjoy.
and of course, found a quote to share:

“Juggling and balancing effectively require 
that we make clear, legacy-driven choices 
about what we're trying to keep in the air 
and how we sequence our movements down the beam. 
Because the ultimate grade in life 
is not based on how far and fast we've walked the beam 
or how many things we’ve juggled—
it’s based on how much we've enjoyed the exercise.” 
― Eric C. Sinoway

11 September 2015

Morning Shadow

“I thought

the most beautiful thing

in the world

must be shadow.”

― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

My shadow in my art
is one way I trace
who I was
and where I have been.
My shadow and I
have been on a journey
for quite a while now.
-Angela Cartwright

Good sunny morning from the Valley of the Sun!
Hurricane Linda has been slewing clouds across
the skies for days now, making it humid -
and miserable.

I'm ready for fall:
cool mornings
warm sunny afternoons
and long shadows.

Are you?

06 September 2015

Be Drawn

☆'•.¸✮' Lєt чoursєlf вє drαwn 

вч thє strαngє pull σf whαt чou lovє ~ 

ít wíll not lєαd чou αstrαч 

~ rumi ☆'•.¸✮'

05 September 2015

Got SUN?






It's been a long week for me,
working my own duties in my own store,
and traveling to a neighboring store
helping someone else learn what I do.

Which also meant I was away from
the gym for a week as well.
And I can tell.

We've had rain here in the Valley of the Sun
for the past 4 out of 5 days.
Thankfully, it is finally cooling off, and
we can spend more time in the sun....
which is what I did after my shower!
There's nothing like warm sun
against naked skin....