14 July 2015

Wedding Blahs and some

my daughter is getting married.
or so it seems.
she has vanity fair ideals and dreams
with a wal-mart budget.

if there's going to be a wedding in
march, girl's gotta get on the stick!

lousy at planning, she asked for help.
and i was willing to give it my all
until her daddy stepped in with $10k
no way "shabby chic" or anything
"home spun" will fit in with his plans.

so why is it that when a person offers
money, they expect to have a say-so in
how it's spent?  she will have to be strong!

i remember my first wedding, to her daddy,
but in fact, i remember it only as an overall
deal, and not the details.  why?  i'm not
really sure, perhaps because it was planned
by my mom more than me.   there were
200 guests -- i think i knew about 50 of them.

my last wedding i remember in great detail
because it was on the cheap, and it was fun.
nothing formal, nothing traditional - a simple
backyard wedding.  i sewed my dress, and
the tops and vests for the kids (they were
the attendants).  my mom came and helped
make spicy meatballs and potato salad.
we had a pony keg for drinks.

when it comes to weddings,
less is more.  IMO.
but what do i know?
mine didn't last.

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