11 July 2015


“Laugh at yourself, 

but don’t ever aim your doubt 

at yourself. 

Be bold. 

When you embark 

for strange places, 

don’t leave any of yourself 

safely on shore. 

Have the nerve to go into 

unexplored territory.”

 ~ Alan Alda 

I have always enjoyed the wit and wisdom
of Alan Alda ... or was I crushing on
Hawkeye Pierce ?


I had to replace my worn out TV (finally!)
and now have a "smart" tv.  And I promptly
checked out Netflix - and found they have
the TV series MASH!  I've been on a 
binge-watch, but limiting myself to 3 episodes
a day.  Even among the humor and satire of
the show, there's a warmth that exudes from
him - from all of the cast.   Love it :)

A few years back, my local PBS station
carried his series Scientific American. 
His voice is soothing, and he's fascinated
by the topics he explored.   I watched every
single episode of those as well.  

And my all time fav Alan Alda movie?
Same Time, Next Year. 
It's simple, yet complex, I watch it often! 
If you haven't seen it -- you should :) 
The flashbacks to different decades is fun!

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