08 June 2015


Hello, Friend!
Have you missed me?

It has been a very long
two weeks of trying to
work as much as i can
while setting aside what
ails me.

Even after gall bladder
surgery, i think i had
or have another stone.
It must have been
pressing on a nerve
for a while
because every step
for 3 long days
was very painful.

But it has since passed.
i hope!

Just to be sure, my Doc
Image result for i love napshas ordered a CT scan
and i am sure i will
know things by Friday.

In the meantime,
because i have to work
to keep the income
coming in,
i do what i can, then
home to bed rest.

Aren't naps on a rainy day
just the best thing ever?

1 comment:

  1. Well, yeah... I missed you. But then you likely already know that.