30 June 2015

A Good Day

It's a good day

to have a good day!

In life, we all get things 'dumped' on us.
How we handle it all is what gives us strength
and character.

Some people handle it with a lot more grace ..
or maybe their grace is more visible.

Me, I tend to keep things "close to the vest"
as they used to say long ago.

My issues, my problems -- I've never been one to
"air dirty laundry".    Or any kind of laundry.

But this venue gives me a chance to be more open,
and I've been trying to utilize that a bit more.

When life hands you a dump truck full of troubles,
it can be hard to dig your way out.
But with all things, they work themselves out,
and when they do, it's a huge relief!

My worries about medical issues were lightened
by the doctor, and that was a big relief!
I found evidence of some kind of insect infestation
and had to call out an exterminator.  I tend to
assume the worst, and thought I had termites.
Turns out, its only crickets!

It's been a good day,
and tomorrow can only be better!

Thank you for letting me share that with you!


  1. 'Patience is a conquering virtue.' - Chaucer

    It is quite obvious you already live this, guided by caring, and forethought.

    1. Thanks John! That's a great quote, and yeah, I think I kind of do live that way :) *HUGS*