30 June 2015

A Good Day

It's a good day

to have a good day!

In life, we all get things 'dumped' on us.
How we handle it all is what gives us strength
and character.

Some people handle it with a lot more grace ..
or maybe their grace is more visible.

Me, I tend to keep things "close to the vest"
as they used to say long ago.

My issues, my problems -- I've never been one to
"air dirty laundry".    Or any kind of laundry.

But this venue gives me a chance to be more open,
and I've been trying to utilize that a bit more.

When life hands you a dump truck full of troubles,
it can be hard to dig your way out.
But with all things, they work themselves out,
and when they do, it's a huge relief!

My worries about medical issues were lightened
by the doctor, and that was a big relief!
I found evidence of some kind of insect infestation
and had to call out an exterminator.  I tend to
assume the worst, and thought I had termites.
Turns out, its only crickets!

It's been a good day,
and tomorrow can only be better!

Thank you for letting me share that with you!

29 June 2015


Every now and then,
I post something on

It's rare that I come
across negativity,
but it happened again.

For the most part, I just
shrug it off - not everyone
appreciates the same kind
of art.   I'm guessing the
person who left the comment
(a female) is young, and
assumes that every body
should look ....
like it stepped off the pages
of Playboy or Penthouse.

The human body is a work
of art!  But, to each their own :)

(Photo from 2013, not the
one generating negativity)

24 June 2015

Bump in the Road

“Some people see things that are and ask, Why? 

Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? 

Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that.” 

― George Carlin

I have to admit, this one made me chuckle! 
and sometimes, laughter is the medicine that
gets us over whatever current bump is in the road.
This one is it for me....  I don't have time for 
the why's and the why not's.  I have to go to work! 

Because of scheduling issues and other internal 
problems ... errrr.... "opportunities"
my days off and my schedule is very erratic.
I find I'm spending way too much time at work
and not near enough time doing the things I enjoy.

Time to change all of that! 

23 June 2015

Sleepy Time

It's at night, when perhaps we should be dreaming, 

that the mind is most clear, 

that we are most able to hold all our life in the palm of our skull. 

- Brian W. Aldiss

Have you ever noticed that as you lay there
in your bed, you have all these tremendous
thoughts, answers to questions, solutions to
problems?  Well, there, and of course, in the
shower, is where all great thoughts are born!

But how to retain them?  

I know there are mornings when I wake up 
and wish that I could remember all that 
I'd thought up the night before!  

Sweet Dreams!

22 June 2015

Taking it Easy

There is virtue in work

and there is virtue in rest.

Use both and overlook neither.

-Alan Cohen

Just taking it really easy 
for a change .....
Sadie... shhhhh.... i'm resting! 

I'm going to add a little Q&A to this post
I'm resting because I've been under a bunch
of stress lately, my doc's office called with a
referral to another doc because they found a
nodule on my lung.  So for 2 weeks now, it's
been rough on the old nerves wondering 
"what now?" and of course, the usual worst
case scenarios!   Thankfully, it's nothing
terribly wrong, a little scar tissue left over 
from what the doc assumes was a bout of
Valley Fever.  Of course, he asked if I could
remember having VF a few years ago.  I just
gave him and look and said "I'm old!  and 
I'm lucky to remember a few WEEKS ago!"

21 June 2015



(n) finding something good

without looking for it.

Every now and then, i grab my camera
and get silly with positions and placement.
Does it work out?
Not as often as i'd like.
but that never stops me from posting
the oddities  :)

Life is hot in the Valley of the Sun
Excessive heat warnings,
over 110 degrees for several days,
and will be for another 5 days.  Ugh.

Summer is like winter everywhere else:
it takes an effort to go out and do things,
so we don't.

Kudos to the person who invented AC!

19 June 2015

Hot, hot, hot

Arizona ......
Where hell spends the summer!

It's hot, it's been hot all week.
Today, at 3pm it was 113 as I
hopped into my car - I'm sure the
temp inside the car was more.
It took my breath away.

Needless to say, arriving home
& the first thing on the agenda
is hopping into a cold shower!!

Happy Weekend, my friend :)

14 June 2015


“Silence, I discover, 

is something you can actually hear.” 

― Haruki Murakami, 
Kafka on the Shore

I am a big fan of silence.
Have you ever noticed how often the 
heater or AC runs and we don't hear it?
We've learned to tune so many things
out ... what other sounds are we missing?

When I walk in my local park, one of
my fav places to stop is near a stand of 
cottonwood trees.  The breeze whistles
through the leaves, the sound is golden!

I think our minds need a rest from all
of the noise that constantly bombards us.
Are we fully in any moment when there
is so much noise around us? 

I challenge you to turn everything off --
even if its only for 10 minutes --
and hear what you've been missing !

13 June 2015

Putter On!

“The imagination needs moodling,--

long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering. ”

― Brenda Ueland

Now there's an interesting word!

and while it sort of sums it all up,
i can honestly say that 
is one i'm totally in to.

i enjoy puttering in the yard
or puttering with my photography
and have no qualms as to whether
it is a waste of time!  (It ISN'T!)

Puttering is good for the soul --
and apparently for the imagination as well! 

Putter On! 

(and i chopped my hair off today - it feels so much lighter, cooler!) 

12 June 2015

Happy FBF!

FlashBack Friday
A post from this date in 2014
A topic of "Masculine" in a photography group.....
always fun to try and be creative with their "one word Tuesday" topic!

A flashback because I just didn't have the energy
to be creative, or even to pull out the camera
had my CT scan today.  It's a simple thing
to have one's insides "photo mapped"
but the contrast and dyes aren't as much fun
so I spent most of the day napping, resting.
I guess I needed it as I ended up sleeping
about 4 hours!

Happy Friday to you!

08 June 2015


Hello, Friend!
Have you missed me?

It has been a very long
two weeks of trying to
work as much as i can
while setting aside what
ails me.

Even after gall bladder
surgery, i think i had
or have another stone.
It must have been
pressing on a nerve
for a while
because every step
for 3 long days
was very painful.

But it has since passed.
i hope!

Just to be sure, my Doc
Image result for i love napshas ordered a CT scan
and i am sure i will
know things by Friday.

In the meantime,
because i have to work
to keep the income
coming in,
i do what i can, then
home to bed rest.

Aren't naps on a rainy day
just the best thing ever?