04 May 2015

Monday Rants

Maybe its just me,

but have you ever

noticed how


no matter what you do

or how hard you try

there's always someone

or something ready to

knock you back down?

Or that it seems as if it

just isn't good enough?


When I work, I am decisive (hmm, I'm probably that way in most areas of my life),

and quick, I don't dawdle.  When something needs doing, I dig in and do it.

When I left Friday, everything was caught up, ship shape, my "partner" who

works weekends should have been able to handle everything.   This morning

when I arrived after 2 days off - holy buckets what a mess!  I was ready to

spit nails.   But why am I surprised? It's this way every Monday.  When I ask

around as to what he did all weekend, management says "he looked busy".

Now I'll have to work extra hours, extra speedy, short lunches, just to make up

for lost time.  Yet again.  *smh*  Something's gotta change.

Thanks for letting me rant.....  :)

Here's hoping your Monday went better than mine did!

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