23 May 2015

Yee Haw!

I was recently reminded

that I hadn't posted in

a week or so.....

but my heart,

my creativity,

just wasn't in it.


my really busy days

are over

and I can relax!

Yee Haw!

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22 May 2015

Work Woes

This was last Friday,
my one day with
a slice of sanity in it.

I took Sadie to a local park
just to get out, get away,
to see something other than
the same 4 walls at home,
and the same 4 walls at work.

I work at a BigBox Store,
and this was our week to do
the dreaded Inventory.

Imagine counting $7M worth of
items on the sales floor
while customers are shopping
and trying to get it all counted
as accurately as possible.

The prep work involved is
incredibly detailed, and
yes, lucky me, my part in
all of it is ... intense.

As a result, I worked 5 days on,
and one day off, for three weeks,
with the final week working the
11-8pm shift.

I am a morning person.
Come 6pm, I was yawning over
my dinner, and trying to wish
the day to be over!

As always, I survived!
With not too much in the way
of battle scars.
I think I tore an inner core muscle
just under my right side ribs
where they took out my gall bladder
in October.

Needless to say, I am taking it
very easy for the weekend!

PS:  This little guy wasn't too happy
having his picture taken...
he glared at me .....
then flew off !

06 May 2015


Sometimes weird ideas

come to me

i was thinking

"what can i do to make

a photo that's different?

i mean, don't you get

tired of seeing

the same old thing?

so i grabbed a kitchen

utensil off the wall,

used it as a 'filter'


crazy is as crazy does!

05 May 2015

Love Your Curves

Love your curves

and all your edges 

all your perfect imperfections


04 May 2015

Monday Rants

Maybe its just me,

but have you ever

noticed how


no matter what you do

or how hard you try

there's always someone

or something ready to

knock you back down?

Or that it seems as if it

just isn't good enough?


When I work, I am decisive (hmm, I'm probably that way in most areas of my life),

and quick, I don't dawdle.  When something needs doing, I dig in and do it.

When I left Friday, everything was caught up, ship shape, my "partner" who

works weekends should have been able to handle everything.   This morning

when I arrived after 2 days off - holy buckets what a mess!  I was ready to

spit nails.   But why am I surprised? It's this way every Monday.  When I ask

around as to what he did all weekend, management says "he looked busy".

Now I'll have to work extra hours, extra speedy, short lunches, just to make up

for lost time.  Yet again.  *smh*  Something's gotta change.

Thanks for letting me rant.....  :)

Here's hoping your Monday went better than mine did!

03 May 2015

Fun in the Sun

“She was free in her wildness. 

She was a wanderess, 

a drop of free water. 

She belonged to no man and to no city” 

― Roman Payne

..... but between you and me,

when was the last time

YOU played with the

garden hose?

02 May 2015




from the soul

the dust of 



A Saturday with nothing to do

a little time on the interwebs

looking for ideas

and found one

but replicating it?

didn't work as i wanted it to.


oh my how good it feels to

sleep in -- even an extra hour

feels awesome!  To be home

and relaxing is the best ever!

But after 3 weeks or so of days

where i'm up before 5am, i was

wide awake, so Sadie and i got

ready and walked in a local park.

It's a beautiful day in the

Valley of the Sun !

What will you do with your day?

01 May 2015

Hello Kitty!

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Hello Kitty was brought to the US in 1976, 

and has been popular with little girls ever since! 

I, of course, wasn't one of those girls 

-- in 1976 I was a teenager in High School --

and smarter than the rest of the world!  ( lol )  

I can remember taking my daughter to the mall

to visit the Hello Kitty store - yes a whole store!

I happened across a temporary tattoo

and thought it would be a cute theme :)