29 April 2015

Square Holes

“Here's to the crazy ones. 

The misfits. 

The rebels. 

The troublemakers. 

The round pegs in the square holes. 

The ones who see things differently...."

-Apple Quotes

the quote doesn't quite fit the theme
of the photos, but sure is a bit how
i've been feeling lately.
i'm not like most people.
and yet i go to work, i walk my dog,
all the normal things normal people do.
maybe its just being different from the
inside out.  i'll have to think on that some more.

in the meantime,
i will finally have a weekend to myself!
Sort of.
seems i'll be driving my son around to look
at bicycles.  he's visually impaired, and rides
a bike to work.  sadly, his bike was stolen
while he was at work.

As the infamous Ozzy sings:
I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train

Yep, that's my life lately!
All Aboard!


  1. Very cool photos! The ones with the frame in your older post, too!

    1. Was a spur of the moment kind of shot, inspired by something I saw you had done! so thanks :) xox

  2. I lost my comment, it seems, my long comment, thought I clicked publish and now it's gone. The idea came from my models themselves, I just have the fames in a corner of my attic and it inspires some of them. :-)) These are great black and whites, too, beautiful tones. Keep experimenting and having fun, your photos are great! And I know how hard it is to do self portraits, respect!

    1. Hm, my reply disappeared as well! Dontcha hate that??? I seem to be doing these in chunks, seems my creativity comes and goes as my life gets busy and un-busy, isn't that the way of things?? Ahhh well. Happy weekend, my friend!! xox