08 April 2015


Yes.  i am a rock hound.
When i'm out taking a walk,
many times, i will pick up a rock
that looks interesting to me.
(all of these rocks were picked up
on one trip or another to local spots)

Is there rhyme or reason to it?
sometimes its the color,
or maybe one color running
through  rock of another color,
sometimes just the shape.

People who collect crystals -
well, those are just a different
kind of stone.

Many people allow that different kind of rocks have metaphysical properties.  i often carry turquoise, or wear it in jewelry.  It is good for spiritual attunement, strength, grounding, and protective.  (one website also claimed it was good for astral travel -- not something i indulge in, though. *smirk*)

One of the local places i am drawn to are the Superstition Mountains, comprised of granite, dacite, basalt and some conglomerate - most of this was fused together with volcanic ash - but that gets a little technical.  And i may sound a little  "woo woo"  (my daughter's term) but when i go visit this mountain, the first thing i feel is a lot of the negative flowing out of me, and then feel energized afterward.  Maybe its all in my imagination, but what harm is that?

Do you have a favorite place that 'calls' to you?

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