26 April 2015

On Being Tired

“I'm smiled out, talked out, quipped out, 
socialized so far from any being, 
I need the weight of mortal silences to get realized back into myself.” 
― John Ciardi

in other words, just plain tired.
I'd say "very tired" but that's 
redundant, and lazy.  So maybe
exhausted is the word.  

I've been working every day
for days on end now. 
Only four more days and 
it's a weekend for me. 
Hoo Rah!

The weather matched my mood
today, we had layer over layer of
clouds - and a few showers as well.

I was born during a midwestern
summer thunderstorm and I have 
always liked shower-y weather,
especially storms. 

I grabbed my "blankie" and curled
up in a chair on the back patio, 
watching the clouds skate past,
feeling the wind rushing around me,
and smelling the damp earth as
rain fell.  It was wonderful! 


  1. We have a blanket like yours. When I broke my arm, up near the top, and couldn't sleep in bed but instead slept out on the sofa, because it offered the support needed, it was that blanket kept me warm and comfy.

    BTW - Pretty toes. Kiss.


    1. Thanks JFM! I have to say, I enjoy my fleece blankets (I think I have three!) and they're so handy to have around on a chilly day. Or night! *wiggles toes*