16 April 2015

Drinking Class

Ya'll know I'm a country music fan
Trace Adkins sings
"...because they're songs about me
...... and who I am ..."

One of the current hits is
"Drinking Class" by Lee Brice
some of the lyrics are this.....
and yes, they fit me!

We're up when the rooster crows
Clock in when the whistle blows
Eight hours ticking slow
And then tomorrow we'll do it all over again

I'm a member of a blue collar crowd
They can never, nah they can't keep us down
If you gotta, gotta label me, label me proud

I belong to the drinking class
Monday through Friday, man we bust our backs ass
If you're one of us, raise your glass
I belong to the drinking class

We laugh, we cry, we love
Go hard when the going's tough
Push back, come push and shove
Knock us down, we'll get back up again and again

ok... gotta run and drink this
Bud Lite Lime
before it gets warm

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