18 April 2015

Creative Art

“Creativity takes courage. ” 

― Henri Matisse

“What one does in one's art, 

that is the breath of one's being.” 

― D.H. Lawrence

Every now and then I get to 
wondering about the why's 
of my blog --
and realized that I don't really
care about the why's 
or any other reason 
for doing what I do ..... 
except to please myself. 

I know that there are times
when it's hit and miss for 
postings - so thank you for
checking in on a regular basis.  

My sole reason for what I do 
has everything to do with my
being creative.  Of course, I 
also hope that seeing my images
makes you smile from time to time :)

This was an experiment using 
a doily in front of the lens .....
it's like you're peeking in on me!!!

1 comment:

  1. mmmm... peeking through the curtains and spying one fine ass. Oh yes, you bet.