30 April 2015

#TBT 2013

#TBT - This throwback is from May 1, 2013.
Work tends to be intense in April and May,
so this is a natural occurrence in the evening.

Sometimes when i get so focused on my job
working many days, or long hours, or both,
there doesn't seem to be room in my brain
or in my thoughts for much else.

Today made the 20th day in a row that i had
to get up to my alarm at 4:30am, and i can
honestly say that curling up and sleeping
sounds just perfect!

(As always, Sadie's gotta be right in there!)

i'm looking forward to an entire weekend off -
what are your plans?

29 April 2015

Square Holes

“Here's to the crazy ones. 

The misfits. 

The rebels. 

The troublemakers. 

The round pegs in the square holes. 

The ones who see things differently...."

-Apple Quotes

the quote doesn't quite fit the theme
of the photos, but sure is a bit how
i've been feeling lately.
i'm not like most people.
and yet i go to work, i walk my dog,
all the normal things normal people do.
maybe its just being different from the
inside out.  i'll have to think on that some more.

in the meantime,
i will finally have a weekend to myself!
Sort of.
seems i'll be driving my son around to look
at bicycles.  he's visually impaired, and rides
a bike to work.  sadly, his bike was stolen
while he was at work.

As the infamous Ozzy sings:
I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train

Yep, that's my life lately!
All Aboard!

28 April 2015


In 1983 Quiet Riot sings:

Cum on feel the noize

Girls rock your boys

We'll get wild, wild, wild

Wild, wild, wild !!

I'm driving home from work and a local
Classic Rock station plays this song.
And of course, I'm singing along - loudly!
(what other way to sing this song??)

And it reminded me that for my 40th
birthday in 1999 I went to a little bar
in Ohio where Quiet Riot was playing -
Lots of loud music and alcohol!
Right before they started their second
set, my girlfriend Sharon walked up
and told them it was my birthday --
lovely serenade -- and plenty of red cheeks!
I was totally embarrassed :)

They were cuuuuute in the 80s! 

Image result for 2015 quiet riot
There was a "meet and greet"
afterwards, we exchanged a few
words, I think I had something
autographed.... but whatever it
was -- I sure couldn't remember.

27 April 2015


“A photograph 

shouldn't be just a picture, 

it should be a philosophy.” 

― Amit Kalantri

With so much 'life' going on,
i move as if on auto-pilot.
there were ideas for today's
photo shoot.  upon arriving
home after a long day at work,
those thoughts flew out the window.

a picture paints a thousand words...
and yet i can't come up with that many.
can you?

26 April 2015

On Being Tired

“I'm smiled out, talked out, quipped out, 
socialized so far from any being, 
I need the weight of mortal silences to get realized back into myself.” 
― John Ciardi

in other words, just plain tired.
I'd say "very tired" but that's 
redundant, and lazy.  So maybe
exhausted is the word.  

I've been working every day
for days on end now. 
Only four more days and 
it's a weekend for me. 
Hoo Rah!

The weather matched my mood
today, we had layer over layer of
clouds - and a few showers as well.

I was born during a midwestern
summer thunderstorm and I have 
always liked shower-y weather,
especially storms. 

I grabbed my "blankie" and curled
up in a chair on the back patio, 
watching the clouds skate past,
feeling the wind rushing around me,
and smelling the damp earth as
rain fell.  It was wonderful! 

25 April 2015

Rain Dance

Yesterday we had the nicest
downpour! and I was hoping
for more of the same today....

so off I went into the backyard
to do my own little rain dance!

(as usual, Sadie had to get
     in on the act as well! )

“Life isn't about 

waiting for the storm to pass...

It's about learning 

to dance in the rain.”

― Vivian Greene

24 April 2015

Full Moon

“She used to tell me that a full moon 
was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.” 
― Shannon A. Thompson

It has been "that kind" of week,
and today, if it's not a full moon
out there, it should have been!
Maybe it's our local weather change
we had a few sprinkles roll through
and that seems to affect people.
Me included.
I came home from work early and
crawled into bed.
Tomorrow will be better. :)

23 April 2015

Throwback Thursday

Quote of the Day:

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which

enables us to count our blessings.

-Eric Hoffer

It's Throwback Thursday - the above is from this date in 2012

Always liked this picture

but then black and white's are a personal fav of mine

The Pyschic - Q&A

The Psychic

The year was 1980.  A group of girls just out of high school, learning to find their way in the world, decide that instead of the usual Tupperware Parties they wanted to have a Psychic Party.

The hostess of the evening found a woman who does those readings at parties, and set it up so that each reading would take place in a neutral spare bedroom, away from prying eyes and gossipy mouths.

Early evening had the girls all gathered, candles lit around the room, bottles of wine open, sharing and laughing - some of it nervous laughter.  This was something definitely outside the norm of our upbringing!

I remember being skeptical about the whole thing, and made sure that I didn't wear any tell-tale jewelry, my makeup was subdued and I dressed casually in jeans and a sweater.  I was certain she wasn't going to be able to "read" anything of my future!

About half hour into the wine, the woman named Alaine knocked and entered.  She said polite hellos, gazing at each of the girls gathered. She made eye contact with each one, a polite nod in each direction.  Then her eyes met mine.  While I'm normally shy, I brazenly met her eye contact and she pointed a finger at me and said "I'm doing you last - you will take all of my energy."  I remember swallowing hard, and telling myself that of course I will be a difficult read - I don't believe in this stuff!

The other girls went before me, each having a 15 minute reading.  They all came out smiling, some of them joking about the number of kids they were told they would have when they hadn't even met their future husband!

Then it was my turn.  I went into the bedroom and closed the door, sat down across from Alaine.  She had a deck of tarot cards on the table.  She asked me to shuffle them, then took them from me and started to lay them out.  Stopping in the middle, she laid down the stack of cards, and took my hands in hers.   "Your husband rides a motorcycle."   I was silent, not wishing to give anything away.  "But not to worry, he will be safe, he's cautious.  Sometimes overly cautious."   It was a little bit on the predictable side to start.

"You didn't marry your true love, he was much older than you.  Did you part ways under a bad situation?"  I nodded yes.  I didn't tell her, but reality was I had fallen in love with him while engaged to another, and my secret hope was that he would rescue me .....  ahh, those little girl fairy-tale dreams!

"You're very creative, and you will have a girl first, then a boy.  Make sure you teach them the arts, they will be creative like you.  But down the road, I see you with six children. How very ... odd.  They appear as yours but they aren't biological."

"In your work, I see you staying long term at your jobs, first one, then a long break, then another job."

"Is there anything specific you would like to know?"

I shook my head.  No one can foresee the future.  I smiled politely and thanked her, ready to scoot out the door.

"I was right," she told me.  "You have taken a lot of energy for me to read."

Now how was I supposed to take that??

This was my first encounter with something other than what I'd known all my life, being brought up going to church every week.  I'm sure you get the picture.  But how accurate was this reading?  I hadn't the forethought to ask her about the time line, so this is my perspective about 24 years later. Yes, my husband rode a motorcycle to and from work, and was definitely the overcautious type.  No, it wasn't a HOG or anything fancy, just a simple Honda.  hehehe

I will always remember Ronnie Parker.  Yes, we parted on bad terms.  I ended up married to someone else, not him.  But that's another long involved story :)

I did have a girl first, then a boy.  They each have my creativity, but not the love of doing crafty things.  That's ok, they're perfect the way they are.  As for the other four children, I married again to someone with four children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  We were the "Brady Bunch of Ohio" for a number of years.  I loved them as if they were my own, they called me Mom.

As for the jobs, my first full time job after high school, I was with the company for 22 years.  I left to be a stay at home mom to six kids, then started my current job in 2001.  I'm the kind who sticks with it for the long haul!

Sorry this was such a long read, hope I didn't bore you :)

22 April 2015

Quiet Time

“Usually, when the distractions of daily life deplete our energy, 

the first thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most: quiet, reflective time. 

Time to dream, 

time to contemplate what's working and what's not, 

so that we can make changes for the better.” 

― Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

This is my fav non-fiction author.
She has good sound advice, has been
through many life issues, and came through
them with a wonderful outlook on life.

I think that's what we all strive for:  happiness.
Or maybe peace, contentment.  All those good
feelings that don't come around often - we're too
busy trying to keep up, rather than slowing down,
taking moments for ourselves.

May you find one of those kind of moments today.

21 April 2015


Mondays always seem impossibly long
for this working gal---
too much to do, and not enough time.

Today was no different.

After a long frustrating day
I headed to the gym to burn off some stress.

Coming home to a long cool shower
was the highlight of my day!

Have you ever noticed
how you do your best thinking
in the shower??

“Every one who has taken a shower 

has had an idea. 

It's the person who gets out of the shower, 

dries off and does something about it 

that makes a difference.” 

― Nolan Bushnell


The practice of earthing basically involves coupling your body to the Earth’s surface energy by walking, sitting or sleeping outside in direct contact with the Earth.  It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth's surface) the earth's electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. Living in direct contact with the earth grounds your body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health.

While that's a lot of fancy talk
what I've learned is that just
a few minutes at the end of the day
can make me feel that much better!

Besides, its easy and cheap!
I mean.... it can't hurt, right?

So I slip off my shoes,

and head out into my own

backyard, and plant my feet

onto the ground (being mindful

of sharp pointy rocks or cactus thorns!)

There.   LSNED (Learn Something New Every Day -- that was my motto when raising kids!)

Now go out and try some Earthing of your own!

20 April 2015


“It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. 

And when you've got it, you want—oh, 

you don't quite know what it is you do want, 

but it just fairly makes your heart ache, 

you want it so!” 

― Mark Twain

Spring fever....
where you long to do things 
you haven't done in a while,
to enjoy the warmth of sun.
I don't know about you, 
but my "to do" list always
grows in spring! 

19 April 2015

Foot Soak

Having a foot soak

with epsom salt

is an essential part

of my routine.

and you may be wondering why.  Epsom salts are made from the mineral magnesium sulfate, an essential mineral for the body.  Add that to the fact that I'm delving into learning about empaths, and how a good soak can make a person feel better.

"Have you ever wondered why people who are strangers or people you hardly know open up to you and share their most trusted thoughts? Do you have an instant connection with animals? Are you unable to watch violence, cruelty, or tragedy on television or in the movies because your soul just can’t bear it? Do you have an instant knowing about the character of the people you meet upon first meeting them? Are you highly spiritual and find the physical world and everything in it heavy? Are you often tired and have physical ailments that cannot be medically explained? If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions you may be an “empath"."  (quoted from The Mind Unleashed)

And I answered yes to a few of those, but they're a little vague so I found another place to take an empath test ( here )  I am intuitive, love nature, and at the very least, I have empathic tendencies (is that a word?)  I'm sure my doctor would not agree with this assessment, but I've known for a long time that I'm not 'normal' in many ways.  Maybe there's something to all this.  And maybe its hooey.  But its worth a little exploration!

This is the Valley of the Sun.   Sedona specifically is known for its spirituality and vortexes of energy.  Me, I find peace and grounding when I am at Superstition Mountain.

Here's some Q&A:  I visited Arizona back in the 90s (Tucson, specifically) and hated it.  Lived in Ohio for 10 years, and visited the Phoenix area in 2007.  The second day of my visit, I knew I needed to move here.  I went home, packed up, lived with stuff in boxes while I waited for a transfer to come through (a year is a long time to have your belongings in boxes!).  I have been here for 7 years now (boy how time flies!) and love it, can't imagine living any where else.

18 April 2015

Creative Art

“Creativity takes courage. ” 

― Henri Matisse

“What one does in one's art, 

that is the breath of one's being.” 

― D.H. Lawrence

Every now and then I get to 
wondering about the why's 
of my blog --
and realized that I don't really
care about the why's 
or any other reason 
for doing what I do ..... 
except to please myself. 

I know that there are times
when it's hit and miss for 
postings - so thank you for
checking in on a regular basis.  

My sole reason for what I do 
has everything to do with my
being creative.  Of course, I 
also hope that seeing my images
makes you smile from time to time :)

This was an experiment using 
a doily in front of the lens .....
it's like you're peeking in on me!!!

17 April 2015

Beer Thirty

.... of course,

i can never resist

my favorite .....

black and white!

with a touch of

color this time

16 April 2015

Drinking Class

Ya'll know I'm a country music fan
Trace Adkins sings
"...because they're songs about me
...... and who I am ..."

One of the current hits is
"Drinking Class" by Lee Brice
some of the lyrics are this.....
and yes, they fit me!

We're up when the rooster crows
Clock in when the whistle blows
Eight hours ticking slow
And then tomorrow we'll do it all over again

I'm a member of a blue collar crowd
They can never, nah they can't keep us down
If you gotta, gotta label me, label me proud

I belong to the drinking class
Monday through Friday, man we bust our backs ass
If you're one of us, raise your glass
I belong to the drinking class

We laugh, we cry, we love
Go hard when the going's tough
Push back, come push and shove
Knock us down, we'll get back up again and again

ok... gotta run and drink this
Bud Lite Lime
before it gets warm

08 April 2015


Yes.  i am a rock hound.
When i'm out taking a walk,
many times, i will pick up a rock
that looks interesting to me.
(all of these rocks were picked up
on one trip or another to local spots)

Is there rhyme or reason to it?
sometimes its the color,
or maybe one color running
through  rock of another color,
sometimes just the shape.

People who collect crystals -
well, those are just a different
kind of stone.

Many people allow that different kind of rocks have metaphysical properties.  i often carry turquoise, or wear it in jewelry.  It is good for spiritual attunement, strength, grounding, and protective.  (one website also claimed it was good for astral travel -- not something i indulge in, though. *smirk*)

One of the local places i am drawn to are the Superstition Mountains, comprised of granite, dacite, basalt and some conglomerate - most of this was fused together with volcanic ash - but that gets a little technical.  And i may sound a little  "woo woo"  (my daughter's term) but when i go visit this mountain, the first thing i feel is a lot of the negative flowing out of me, and then feel energized afterward.  Maybe its all in my imagination, but what harm is that?

Do you have a favorite place that 'calls' to you?

07 April 2015

Body Paint

Every now and then, doing some maintenance
on my computer is imperative.
and i happened to run across a suggestion
(from a friend i haven't seen in a long while)
about painting body parts,
using my body as a canvas
given the extra time on my hands today
i thought i would give it a try.
Hope you appreciate it, my friend :)

06 April 2015


The desert 

tells a different story 

every time 

one ventures on it. 

~Robert Edison Fulton, Jr.

never would i have imagined in all my years
thinking i would like living in a desert climate - 
but i love the sunshine, the light,
the ever-changing skies.
If you haven't visited a desert, 
you should! 

05 April 2015


“A good roast of sun,

 it slows you, 

lets you relax.... "

Have you gotten your

dose of sun today???

04 April 2015


“The sky grew darker, 

painted blue on blue, 

one stroke at a time, 

into deeper and deeper 

shades of night.” 

― Haruki Murakami

Ready for bed
watching the twilight
the evening blues
here in the desert
one of my fav
moments in a day

it has been hectic here
this past week or so
with family visiting
arrangements being made
then re-made with changes
entertaining my nephew
brought me awareness --
hanging out was pure pleasure :)

He even convinced me to ride
this Giant Wheel --
after we had cotton candy !