26 January 2015


“Anyone can take
an adventure
even if it's only in
your own backyard.
Let your imagination
be your adventure
and see where it takes you.”
― Carmela Dutra

even chilly breezy days are beautiful in the backyard.
while i love to explore, get out and find other places,
some days, my own back yard is the best place to be!
i had one of those days today :)

25 January 2015


It’s so much better

to close your eyes, sit in your study,

lower the curtains, sweep the floor,

burn incense.

It’s beautiful to listen to the wind,

listen to the rain,

take a walk when you feel energetic,

and when you’re tired go to sleep.”

― Yang Wanli

sometimes its a joy just to sit
and relax, watch the world go by.
and of course,
to have my ever-faithful Sadie
right here with me!   :)

24 January 2015


I don't believe in fighting the wind.

You go and you fly with your wind.

Let everyone else catch

their own gusts of wind and

let them fly with their own gusts of wind,

and you go and you fly with yours.”

― C. JoyBell C.

late morning, early morning,
either way,
i think morning
is the best time of day!


Why do we have windows? 
Is it to let a glimpse of the world in? 
Or for us to see out?” 

if you peeked out my window
you might catch 
a glimpse of me
in my backyard

today it is "windsday" 
its just a bit breezy
here in the Valley of the Sun
but the sun warms my
bare skin that peeks 
through the front of my robe.

23 January 2015


Finally Friday ....
why do some weeks
seem longer
than others?

is the word of the day

19 January 2015



Most of all,

enjoy every moment

of the journey,

and appreciate

where you are

at this moment

instead of

always focusing

on how far

you have to go.”

― Mandy Hale

sometimes you just have to take a moment
to trust and believe that things will be
what they're meant to be. :)

18 January 2015


"All I wanna do today

is wear my favorite shades

and get sunned.

Work a little less,

Play a little more

That's what this day is for."

(Florida Georgia Line's song Sun Daze)

Just chillin' in my backyard

and enjoying the

Arizona sunshine!!

and yes, I like country music!

15 January 2015


Well isn't this fun!

I'm experimenting with
all the little options
because some of the
photos feel boring
to me.

it's probably my own
moods, but i have to
keep working on it.

When I saw this one
my first thought
was one of those
closing credits
from a
Looney Tunes

“At the end of the day, 

let there be no excuses, 

no explanations, 

no regrets.” 

― Steve Maraboli,

14 January 2015

Go Walking

“If you seek 

creative ideas 

go walking.

Angels whisper 

to a man 

when he goes for a walk.” 

― Raymond I. Myers

Yes, I am a walker. 
There's nothing better
than being the only person
out walking their dog at
4am, before the roosters 
begin to crow, before the
hum and buzz of traffic
drones in the distance.
The moon dances in and
out of clouds, and if you're
lucky, you will look up and
see a shooting star! 

I recently started wearing a pedometer 
because I walk a lot at work...
today's my all time high:  12,008 steps! 

13 January 2015

No Regrets

“At the end of the day,

let there be no excuses,

no explanations,

no regrets.”

― Steve Maraboli,
     Life, the Truth, and Being Free

12 January 2015

Odd Thoughts

“Art attracts us

only by what it reveals

of our most secret self.”

~Jean-Luc Godard

why does all our soul searching

happen in the odd hours of night?

or in the shower??

Have you noticed your greatest

thoughts happen when your mind

lets go, and you just let it think?

Only to forget your thought

as soon as you get back to

"real life" ??

Just an odd observation

in one of those odd moments.

11 January 2015

Get Up!

“Sometimes life
knocks you on your ass...
get up,
get up,
get up!!!

Happiness is not
the absence of problems,
it's the ability
to deal with them.”

― Steve Maraboli,
        Life, the Truth, and Being Free

sometimes when there are
life problems,
issues to deal with,
all we feel like is
a shadow of ourselves.
That's when we need
to say "Get up!"

Every day can be a struggle
if you let your problems
overwhelm you.
For me, my outlet is taking
photos -- selfies, nature,
or even my pug, Sadie :)

10 January 2015

Make Good Art

“Go and make interesting mistakes, 
make amazing mistakes, 
make glorious and fantastic mistakes. 
Break rules. 
Leave the world more interesting for your being here. 
~Neil Gaiman

Work has a way of
sucking the soul
right out of you.
One way for me
to get it back
is to make  pictures.
Playing with my new
photoshop program
(A gift from Mr.CA, THANKS!!)
i have discovered
new things, new ways to play!
And isn't that just how we
should live our lives --
as if we're having fun?
I AM!  :)

08 January 2015

Be Wise

“Be wise, because the world needs wisdom. 

If you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise

and then just behave like they would.” 

~ Neil Gaiman

I am home again,
and begin the process of
putting my life back to rights.
Work issues, family issues,
there are always things to do,
to be done, but every day,
take one step forward,
and achieve a goal--
even a small one!