26 December 2014

Out of Town

I haven't posted in quite a while.

I was called out of town

because my father passed away

after a courageous battle with


I will be here another week

or so helping my Mom cope.

Thank you for

stopping by my page.

05 December 2014


i took leave of my senses.....
at least that's what i told
myself after i broke down
and bought another tree!!

i didn't have it in me to put
up my usual tree, but there
was a sale so i nabbed this
little tree for the window.

the holidays aren't the same
any longer once you work
behind the scenes, dealing
with all aspects of holiday
trappings, and of course,
the customers who can be
downright rude this time
of year.

But I try to make
the best of things!

On the plus side, i am learning how to
use a Nikon D3000, and while selfies aren't
as easy as with my Canon ....  I can DO this!