27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you who celebrate,
I hope your Thanksgiving Day
was terrific!

I worked, of course, because
that's how retail is.
I'm tired, but this too shall pass!

26 November 2014

Battle Wounds

Post surgery,
and now that the scar
is healed, my nightly
routine includes
Vitamin E oil
to reduce the scar.

I think scars are like battle wounds - beautiful, in a way. 
They show what you've been through 
and how strong you are for coming out of it."
-Demi Lovato

25 November 2014


“Beauty" and sexuality are both

commonly misunderstood as some

transcendent inevitable fact; falsely

interlocking the two makes it seem

doubly true that a woman must be

"beautiful" to be sexual.

That of course is not true at all.

The definitions of both "beautiful"

and "sexual" constantly change

to serve the social order,

and the connection between the two

is a recent invention.”

― Naomi Wolf

18 November 2014

Shadow Play

Days are shorter

and the evening light

streaking in my window

comes earlier each day.

Of all the seasons, 

autumn offers 

the most to man 

and requires 

the least of him. 

~Hal Borland

Of all the seasons, fall has been a favorite
of mine.  There's nothing like a warm day
with a crisp cool night to top it off. 
Most of the US gets that in late Sept or
October, but here in the Valley of the Sun,
fall is a very short season, usually approaching
in mid-November.  The sun sets early here,
as we don't adjust our clocks in spring and fall.
The almost setting sun was a mere 5:15pm
but the light is so beautiful! 

Enjoy :) 

14 November 2014


Hello, again!

New computer, up and running.

Finding out things I had set up
need to be set up all over again!

(isn't it surprising how much
we take for granted?)

More programs with better
features definitely needed!
Anyone have a fav they
don't mind sharing? hehehe

Photo editor is the first thing....
Windows gallery does NOT cut it for me.

Fall has arrived. 
Behold the changing leaves, 
and enjoy the crisp breeze. 
Let your eyes take in the bursts of color. 
Transformation is afoot and hope is in the air.

For most of you,
fall has flown past,
but we are just coming
into that wonderful time
of year here in the 
Valley of the Sun!

13 November 2014

An Inside Peek

Well, the new computer has
arrived, and in the process of
getting things reloaded so it
feels "familiar" again.

In the meantime, here's
a breast image you don't
see very often.

Today i had my annual
mammogram and this is
my image!   Fascinating
how technology can
do this - and couldn't just
a few short years ago!!

09 November 2014

Geeky Girl!

Yes i am!
i am a football fan
nothing better on a Sunday
afternoon than a good game!

I am watching the 49ers vs Saints
as i putter about doing
the mundane chores
that accumulate during
the week.

After my first week back to work, I found I was tired quickly, but remedied that by an early supper
and early to bed.

Now that three weeks have passed since surgery, I can resume all my
normal activities this week, and it feels odd to say that I'm anxious
and ready to get back to the gym.  but first..... my new computer
should arrive on Weds.

If any of you have experience with Win7 and partitioning a 1T hard drive
I'd like your input.  My last computer was partitioned 3 ways:
C: for OS programs  D:  for loaded programs and E: for data/photos
and it worked very well for me.   That's the plan but I'm unsure of
how much space to allocate for each drive.

ahh the joys of having enough knowledge to get me into trouble,

and not enough to get me back out again  *laughs*

06 November 2014


Looking out the window,

I see you looking in.

You are the sunshine,

That fills my soul.”

― Giorge Leedy

ok, so its only
Sadie looking in.

It's #TBT throw back thursday
and since I can't process pix
I can at least do a few posts

Happy Thursday :)

01 November 2014


such frustration
because I'm off work
and wanting to do
some major computer
work .... and no computer!

Yes, i'm grateful to have
this little netbook to do
little posts .... i can't do
photo edits as the screen
is too small.  And I
wouldn't do any
processing of photos
for this blog.....
just a little quirk of mine.

Happy Weekend!