31 October 2014

Goodbye, Desktop!

After a long and productive
eight years, my trusty
desktop has finally
given up the ghost.

Until i have a replacement
i won't be posting

i am so very sad
over losing WinXP
and will need to relearn
and repurchase programs
to do ... all the things i do.

this was sunny Central Park
in California on my
extended vacation.

and if anyone is computer geek-y
when i power up i get nothing,
no identifying screen comes up
neither does BIOS.
i am extremely hopeful that i can
somehow retrieve my files from
the hard drive ......
not something i am willing to take
to a local shop. *giggles*

1 comment:

  1. Hey darlin sorry to hear about the health issue and the computer thing. I might be able to help with the computer. I just need to know a few things, like what kind of computer it is and what you were doing just before it stopped doing anything. You can email me at kcalif5@yahoo.com. I'll do what I can, I know it sucks to be without a computer. It might just be you uploaded too many naked pictures of yourself and it over heated. Much like I do when I look at too many of your pictures. Hugs darlin!!