31 October 2014

Goodbye, Desktop!

After a long and productive
eight years, my trusty
desktop has finally
given up the ghost.

Until i have a replacement
i won't be posting

i am so very sad
over losing WinXP
and will need to relearn
and repurchase programs
to do ... all the things i do.

this was sunny Central Park
in California on my
extended vacation.

and if anyone is computer geek-y
when i power up i get nothing,
no identifying screen comes up
neither does BIOS.
i am extremely hopeful that i can
somehow retrieve my files from
the hard drive ......
not something i am willing to take
to a local shop. *giggles*

29 October 2014

Hey Y'all !

here i am
12 days post op
i was finally released
to fly home monday
and it felt SO good
to sleep in my own
bed again!

Not complaining,
because staying at
"Hotel Mom" has
its perks!  :)

Am building my strength
and endurance a little
every day, and hope to
be back at work
on Monday.

Just wanted to say
"hey y'all"    :)

26 October 2014


My sister's pup, Roxy!

Here it is, Sunday eve
it's been an unexpected
helluva week for me.

9 days post-op and i
am back to morning walks.
If i split it up, i can easily
make my goal of 2 miles a day.
but i am the type who
pushes the edges,
reaches for more.
today, i even jogged for
a portion of my walk
and survived :)

the hardest part
is knowing what i can
and can't
tolerate for foods.
so i take in more fluids
than anything else.

the good news is that
my follow up with the doc
cleared me for flying
and i return home on Monday!
oh to sleep in my own bed again.....
with my pillows and blanket.
and to shower in my own bathroom.

its funny the things you take for
granted. i only came for a 4-day
trip.  and i'm a very conservative
packer on trips.  so i don't have
all the things i might need on a
10 day excursion!!!

Have an awesome week,
i should be back to posting
again... soon!

21 October 2014

Clouds (humor)

On my last visit to my folks,
I drove out to pick up my
brother, and on the way back
I was impressed by the clouds
and how blue the sky was,
with the white puffy clouds
hanging in the sky.  I shoved
my phone at him and asked him
to snap me a few pictures.
"Of WHAT???" he asked.
The clouds, of course!!  I told him.
He looked at me like I was nuts
(ya'll know I am!)
but he did it anyways, snapping
away.  I posted a few, and my
sister in law asked what was the
deal with me and clouds??
*shrug* I dunno, I just like them!!

They vacationed last week in
Hawaii and my brother sent me
text pix -- all of them clouds!!
And the postcard he sent???
Yep, clouds in that too.  lol
He got a real kick out of me
and my #cloudporn


20 October 2014


My early morning walk
(the day I got sick)
found me under the
train over-crossing,
and looking up,
the sky was gorgeous.

Being me, I have to snap
pix, no matter what.
And from my lil phone....
it turned out pretty good :)

Turns out,
there's a bit of humor
to share about clouds....
in my next post. :)

I am doing much better post-op today.
Getting around and moving is important
and I'm doing plenty of it.
In fact, my Dad was walking past me
in the late afternoon and said,
"Isn't it time for your afternoon rest?"

awwww... bless him for being so concerned.

and thank you to those of you sending good wishes...
much appreciated!

19 October 2014

Name that Scar

I will probably
bore you to pieces
this next week
with none Gal pix.

I traveled to Cali
to see my parents
and had a gall bladder
attack and emergency
surgery on Friday.

Came home Saturday,
and now its Sunday
and I am bored.

I am stuck in Cali
until at least Friday
Ok maybe stuck isn't
a good word -- because
if you have to be sick
and stuck somewhere
home with parents is
a good place to be!

so I'm really not complaining.
But at 55, I am used to being on my own, doing my own thing,
whenever the mood strikes.  Otherwise, I am healing well
and hope to be back to normal in less that 2 weeks.
*crosses her fingers*

With so many abdominal surgeries now... a friend suggested
that my scars need to have their own names!  *lol*
Disney themed, perhaps?
Literary Characters?
TV show themes?
I'm bored enough to entertain all kinds of ideas!   :)

13 October 2014

Chillin' It

i bet
there's a chance
we can get
sho'nuff tangled up
and laid back 'n lazy

long as i'm rockin' with you
you know i'm cool with
just chillin' it !

12 October 2014

Busy Weekends

sunday night after a busy weekend
and i'm ready to crawl into bed.....
have a few new country tunes
playing on my computer:
Burnin' it Down
Sunshine and Whiskey

nothing like some smooth
mellow country males
to send a gal off to dreamland!

11 October 2014

Lovin' Fall

Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance

With the stars up above in your eyes

A fantabulous night to make romance

’Neath the cover of October skies

And all the leaves on the trees are falling

To the sound of the breezes that blow

And I’m trying to please to the calling

Of your heartstrings that play soft and low...

~Van Morrison

Maybe you caught
this month's full harvest moon?
We had rain and clouds
so no pictures for me.

but in spite of that
small obstacle,
don't you just love fall???

THE best time of the year :)

10 October 2014


Late afternoon sun in the fall
makes me want to compose
odes to the beauty of the
weather this time of year.

If only we hadn't gotten so
much rain this year .....
the 'skeeters are so bad
its nearly impossible to be
out and enjoy the evening!

“Don't you love 
New York in the fall? 
It makes me want to 
buy school supplies. 
I would send you 
a bouquet 
of newly 
sharpened pencils 
if I knew your 
name and address.” 
― Nora Ephron

( If you don't recognize
the author, perhaps you 
recognize the lines 
from the movie 
"You've Got Mail" )

09 October 2014

Soup's On!

It has been a very busy week
for me ....
a funeral for a friend's husband,
lots of work,
some time at the gym,
doctor visits,
and here i am sporting
new purple sparkly glasses!!!

Two pair, actually ....
one for reading,
the other for driving.
I can't get used to the driving
glasses... I keep wanting to look
over the top (because I can't drive
with my readers on!!! lol )

With all that going on,
I felt in need of some
comfort food and found
this recipe for
"Tortellini Soup"
delicious too!
(especially with some
buttered french bread!)

06 October 2014

Pinhole, Again

“No one

saves us

but ourselves.

No one can

and no one may.

We ourselves

must walk the path.”

― Gautama Buddha,
           Sayings Of Buddha

05 October 2014

Pinhole Photo

“I learned that in

each of us

there burns a

flame of independence

that must never be

allowed to go out.

That as long as it

exists within us

we cannot be destroyed.”

― Bryce Courtenay

04 October 2014


“The greatest thing 

in the world 

is to know 

how to belong 

to oneself.” 

― Michel de Montaigne

Just some experimental shots
using pinhole photography
and my silhouette