09 September 2014


“My past has not 
defined me, 
destroyed me, 
deterred me, or 
defeated me; 
it has only strengthened me.” 
― Steve Maraboli

Strong words, full of conviction
and most days i believe them.
i have such a checkered past
Nothing like breaking laws
or doing illegals things! 
and while i'm being honest
i should probably say that for
a while, my past DID define me.
being raised by religious parents
and midwest old fashioned values
one expectation was to marry well,
marry once and have it last forever.

But when it didn't last forever, 
it also didn't destroy me, 
and in spite of the mistakes i may
have made in my life,
i regret none of them.
For they brought me to the place
i am at right now.  Stronger.

We are all who we are because
of where we've been, and the 
people who have crossed our paths.

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