24 August 2014


Good Sunnnnday morning!
I got up today thinking "aha!!
sunshine-y beautiful morning
i should be able to get something...."

and while I took a few,
I'm not pleased.
well.  The photos are OK.
but to me they just look
the same.
over and over again.

Although I found the shadows
to be more fun than selfies. :)

I am trying to be more
photographer than model
and training my eye to be on
the watch for things that
while they may register on
our horizon, we don't actually
take the time to stop and
process what we're seeing.

How many of us walk right
over the top of a manhole cover
and yes, we know its there.
yes, we know it says something on it.
but what? does it register?
have you noticed if there is just
lettering?  or is there a city seal?

Just an example of how we let
the simple things slip past us,
while we worry about things
that aren't in the present moment.

“Life is not made up of 

minutes, hours, days, 

weeks, months, or years, 

but of moments. 

You must experience 

each one 

before you can appreciate it.” 

― Sarah Ban Breathnach

just a little thank you 
for the recent activity here... 
especially from those outside the US :)


  1. Maybe in what you present to the world you're doing a balancing act. For this photo-blog, it would almost seem to be a necessity that, you operate on some level of artistic duality. It must be hard to constantly exist as artist and subject.

    You know the work I do. Often it's by operating on the spur of the moment whilst driving down the road. Something catches the eye. Just a glimpse. And then you have to translate what's seen in motion into something static before making the decision to go back to the "vision and/or moment". Yes, there are plenty of times when suitable material is sought out, but not all that often. I try to make it serendipity as much as one can.

    Perfection comes of its own. All you can do is practice at being perfect.


    1. It's definitely a balancing act between artist and subject, editor and critical eye. Sometimes too critical! (but that's a girl thing anyways! hehehe)

      Like you, I try for spur of the moment shots, just taking photo after photo, sometimes never looking at anything until I sit down at my computer screen and see what's what. I enjoy that element of surprise when it all comes together, whether its my normal photos or pix for this blog :)

      Serendipity .... perfect word! And thank you for your comments, much appreciated!!