28 August 2014


Most of us have heard of FWB's
and I'm betting a few of you
actually have one (or two?? lol)

Out of the blue, someone
contacted me the other day,
said we'd met long ago
and he still had my number
in his phone
and was I looking for a FWB?

We flirted back and forth
-- briefly --
but it seemed clear that he was
looking for some of the 'benefits'
before we even became friends.

Do I have this backwards?
its Friends -- with benefits.
which implies to me that the
sex is a bonus to the friendship.
Since FWB doesn't work for me
we laughed about it when I declined.....
I'm betting he was sure of my answer
before he even asked the question!!


  1. nice job. Hope things are going well for you. Miss chatting with you. Stay warm


  2. Thanks, Mike-NV! Things here are busy -- work, a little travel to Cali -- and its ALWAYS warm here in the Valley of the Sun!! :) ~Gal