30 August 2014


 a photo topic last week
was "neon" .....
and I couldn't help but
think of trying something
for here! :)

28 August 2014


Most of us have heard of FWB's
and I'm betting a few of you
actually have one (or two?? lol)

Out of the blue, someone
contacted me the other day,
said we'd met long ago
and he still had my number
in his phone
and was I looking for a FWB?

We flirted back and forth
-- briefly --
but it seemed clear that he was
looking for some of the 'benefits'
before we even became friends.

Do I have this backwards?
its Friends -- with benefits.
which implies to me that the
sex is a bonus to the friendship.
Since FWB doesn't work for me
we laughed about it when I declined.....
I'm betting he was sure of my answer
before he even asked the question!!

25 August 2014

Look Within

“Turn away from the world this year 

and begin to listen. 

Listen to the whispers of your heart. 

Look within. 

Your silent companion has lit lanterns of love 

to illuminate the path to Wholeness. 

At long last, 

the journey you were destined to take 

has begun.” 

― Sarah Ban Breathnach

“Whether you realize it

or not,

you have lived many lives,

and each one has left

an indelible mark

on your soul.”

― Sarah Ban Breathnach

24 August 2014


Good Sunnnnday morning!
I got up today thinking "aha!!
sunshine-y beautiful morning
i should be able to get something...."

and while I took a few,
I'm not pleased.
well.  The photos are OK.
but to me they just look
the same.
over and over again.

Although I found the shadows
to be more fun than selfies. :)

I am trying to be more
photographer than model
and training my eye to be on
the watch for things that
while they may register on
our horizon, we don't actually
take the time to stop and
process what we're seeing.

How many of us walk right
over the top of a manhole cover
and yes, we know its there.
yes, we know it says something on it.
but what? does it register?
have you noticed if there is just
lettering?  or is there a city seal?

Just an example of how we let
the simple things slip past us,
while we worry about things
that aren't in the present moment.

“Life is not made up of 

minutes, hours, days, 

weeks, months, or years, 

but of moments. 

You must experience 

each one 

before you can appreciate it.” 

― Sarah Ban Breathnach

just a little thank you 
for the recent activity here... 
especially from those outside the US :)


“Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy.” 
― Sarah Ban Breathnach

It's not always easy
living in the present moment.
how often we are "getting through our day"
to reach some time when we're going to do
something special.
But how many special moments
passed us by 
and we never even noticed
because we were too focused on just one thing?

23 August 2014


Whenever I've been out of town,
the weekend after I return,
I get a lot of this:
Sadie at my feet
at every turn.
Like a 4 year old
who can't stop asking questions
Sadie seems to ask,
"You're not leaving me again, are you ?"

Not feeling very inspired lately
when it comes to selfies ....
and I fear this is turning into
"just another nudie blog"
and there's plenty of that.

lots of introspection lately, so I'll leave
you with the following thought:

"T h i s   m o m e n t   i s   e x a c t l y   a s   i t   s h o u l d   b e . 

W h a t e v e r   r e l a t i o n s h i p s   y o u   h a v e   a t t r a c t e d 

i n   y o u r   l i f e   a t   t h i s   m o m e n t 

i s   p r e c i s e l y   t h e   o n e s   y o u   n e e d   i n   y o u r   l i f e   a t   t h i s   m o m e n t . 

T h e r e   i s   a   h i d d e n   m e a n i n g   b e h i n d   a l l   e v e n t s , 

a n d   t h i s   h i d d e n   m e a n i n g   i s   s e r v i n g   y o u r   o w n   e v o l u t i o n . "

--Deepak Chopra

21 August 2014


ahhh, feet!

“Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.”
-- Irish Proverb

I haven't posted in a while
my feet and i have done some
traveling ...  there's nothing like
a good vacation to bring you back
to where you want to be, yes?
Life is good and relaxing for the
moment, and that's just how i like it!

I took an early morning walk through this grove of trees.... 
it was a gorgeous morning!

and yes, i had a pedicure right before i left :)

09 August 2014

Little Luxury

i haven't had a haircut since last March,
until today.  i had been putting it off,
telling myself i could just pop into one
of those little shops where you walk in,
they spritz your hair and trim it up.
i just couldn't do it.
i've been seeing Erin for 6 years now,
and i guess i'm a little vain - i only trust
her with my hair!  that's just plain silly!
Or it is?
i don't have many vices, or spend money
on myself in fanciful foolish ways.  Except
for my hair.  Its been my one indulgence
now that my kids are grown, and i should
be able to afford a little extra for myself!
but i'm also practical, and could make a
long list of dozens of uses for that money
spent on things more necessary than
pretty hair.
so i'm going to allow myself this little bit
of luxury and go with what my fav author
“if you want your life to come together, you have to start treating yourself better.” 
― Sarah Ban Breathnach

or i could go with L'Oreal and say
"because i'm worth it!" 


The coyote is a mystical, elegant creature -
and a predator as well.
i've heard their howls in the night
when i've been on camping trips,
but i have never seen one up close.....
until last Saturday.

In the six years i have been living
here in the Valley of the Sun,
i have taken early morning walks
in the same park,
and never seen nor heard one.....
until last Saturday.

i stood and watched him
for as long as i could.
Although i can admit to you
that i was a little nervous -
because i had Sadie with me!

08 August 2014

Live and Love

T h o s e   w h o   l i v e   p a s s i o n a t e l y

t e a c h   u s  h o w   t o   l o v e .

T h o s e   w h o   l o v e   p a s s i o n a t e l y 

t e a c h   u s   h o w   t o   l i v e .

-Sarah Ban Breathnach

one of my fav authors!
when i feel the need for
something uplifting,
she's one of
my go-to writers.
Just wanted to share :)

05 August 2014

Post #754

Three Years ago....
i began posting photos
to this blog.

Off and on i have
wondered ..... why?

Or maybe its not
really wondering
so much as
wondering if there
was a hidden purpose.

After all, there was
no gain for me
doing these photos.

(Other than the obvious:
practice with my
photography skills.)

Rather, there are
moments when it
brought me things
i wasn't seeking at all.

but, i have made some
wonderful friends with
this blog,
and for that i wouldn't
un-do anything i've done.

If you're mathematical,
754 posts in 3 years
is an avg of 250/year.
Taking it further,
250 out of 365 days.......
ok, that's too much math
for a Tuesday night!

On that note, I'm going to
be taking a break from here,
not wanting to feel obligated
to making a post for a while.
May the rest of your summer days be warm and sunny ones! 

02 August 2014

You Deserve Love

When I started this blog, one aspect
that I wanted to cover was the subject
of love, which I haven't done lately.

“Maybe we shouldn't be looking for love. 
Maybe we should be looking for a person. 
Because maybe you can find love in a person,
 but not have that person. 
So if you look for love, what you will find is love. 
But if you want to belong to someone, 
and you want someone to belong to you, 
you should look for a person.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

This first quote comes at it
from an interesting aspect.
But how does one begin to
look for a person? 
Do you start with a "shopping list" 
of the qualities that you want,
with an alternate list of those
things that are deal-breakers?
What would you put on your lists?
Honest, hard working, sense of humor
comes to mind.
deal breakers would be smokers.
I'm sure there are other things
that would come up. 

“I can't say when you'll get love 
or how you'll find it or even promise you that you will. 
I can only say you are worthy of it 
and that it's never too much to ask for it 
and that it's not crazy to fear you'll never have it again, 
even though your fears are probably wrong. 
Love is our essential nutrient. 
Without it, life has little meaning. 
It's the best thing we have to give and the most valuable thing we receive. 
It's worthy of all the hullabaloo.” 
― Cheryl Strayed

We all need love in our lives.
But more important, we need that
special person, the one who
brings out the best in us,
who makes us want to be
a better person.

I hope you have someone
like that in your own life.
We are all worthy and deserving of it!