23 July 2014



I may have mentioned a time or two

that I use a daily "topic" for photo ops,

and the "One Word Tuesday" was

headwear.   (Is that a real word? hehe)

One of my ... collections, yes, that works,

is hats.  I have many!  They hang on the

walls in my bedroom, lined up as if they

are a border.

So here's a rear-view look of some

Headwear :)

things have been hectic lately.
Work has been taking a toll
with added responsibilities --
ones that I was doing willingly
a year ago, and they took them
away (which was cool with me!)
but now.... no one else was doing
them, so they asked me to take
them back.  They are also nudging
(to me it feels like pushing!!)   me
into more supervisory roles.  While
I am more than capable (I raised
six kids.... you can't get more
supervisory than that!!  lol)
but being "bossy" isn't a role I enjoy
in any way.  But.   Work is work,
I'm not a boss, but I'm not a "friend"
and there are things to be done.
My way.


  1. I am glad you're back, it is about time you get your ass back here. hehe, love that ass. You are right, I worked for one of the many Boeing company's as a supervisor. It isn't easy being the boss but someone has gotta do it. Hey one day you'll have to show me that, "bedroom hat collection". We can lay on the bed and you can tell me about them all. :) hugs!

    1. How I wish now that every hat had its own story! heheheh Mostly, they're just fun for me to have around. And they can ... add something to a photo or two :) *hugs*