29 June 2014

Resting Up

Was I missed?
I missed being able to share....
Thank you stopping by!

Vacations are great!  It's good to get away, have a new perspective, see new things, and be away from the trivial stuff that can interfere with finding our own joy!

My time was spent with family -- and that can be intense as it was 12 hours in the car with my kids and my granddaughter.  All went well, and we tolerated each other without too much fussing!  Sadie was my co-pilot the entire way!  She sits on the armrest between the front seats.  When she's tired, she lays her head on my shoulder and tries to catch a few zzz's.

But after coming back, work becomes hellish as things need to be caught up.  Saturday was spent on the usual chores that need to be done, and today is my quiet afternoon.  Sitting with a book, enjoying someone else's life for a brief interlude, and watching people out the window.  (And of course, entertaining Sadie!  She wanted to play fetch!!)

Thank goodness for time to myself before another week of work fun begins again!

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  1. We always miss you when your not around young lady. Where else can I go so see such beauty? Always lovely Gal, and the dog is cute too.