30 June 2014

Accept Yourself

To accept ourselves as we are 
means to value our imperfections 
as much as our perfections.  
--Sandra Bierig

Just a few words on self love and acceptance
because we all need reminders that our self
is worthwhile.  

Most of the time I post quotes because the
sentiment is worth sharing.  At the same time,
I post them because I need the reminders.

29 June 2014

Resting Up

Was I missed?
I missed being able to share....
Thank you stopping by!

Vacations are great!  It's good to get away, have a new perspective, see new things, and be away from the trivial stuff that can interfere with finding our own joy!

My time was spent with family -- and that can be intense as it was 12 hours in the car with my kids and my granddaughter.  All went well, and we tolerated each other without too much fussing!  Sadie was my co-pilot the entire way!  She sits on the armrest between the front seats.  When she's tired, she lays her head on my shoulder and tries to catch a few zzz's.

But after coming back, work becomes hellish as things need to be caught up.  Saturday was spent on the usual chores that need to be done, and today is my quiet afternoon.  Sitting with a book, enjoying someone else's life for a brief interlude, and watching people out the window.  (And of course, entertaining Sadie!  She wanted to play fetch!!)

Thank goodness for time to myself before another week of work fun begins again!

22 June 2014


"To love yourself

right now,

just as you are, 

is to give yourself heaven."

-Alan Cohen

21 June 2014

Love Yourself

Love yourself first

and everything else

falls into line.

-Lucille Ball

How often do we forget
that in order to find love,
we need to love ourselves first?


Just out and about
enjoying some sun,
some sand,
a nice breeze,
a cool drink......

vacation time 
is awesome!

20 June 2014

Be Positive

"Don't say anything 

about yourself

that you wouldn't say

about your best friend!"

that's good advice... 
we are our own
worst critics.  
we see flaws 
that no one else 
even notices! 

19 June 2014


there is

no wrong way

to have a body

-Glenn Marla

Goodness, when I finally
checked back in here,
I found that the photos
I had taken and prepped
never got posted....
my apologies for
slacking off!

18 June 2014





my "week from hell"
is over -- inventory is
completed in my
BigBox store
and I am utterly exhausted.

Thank goodness I rebound
pretty well, as I am taking
some much needed time
away with family.

Have an Awesome Weekend!

13 June 2014


“Every day offers us 

simple gifts 

when we are willing 

to search our hearts 

for the place that's right 

for each of us.” 

― Sarah Ban Breathnach

Photo Topic:  Framed                    

12 June 2014


Photo Topic:  Masculine
(because a green bow tie and white dress shirt are "masculine", right?)

“Never forget that the most essential fashion accessories, 
the ones no woman can afford to do without, come from within. 
A generous heart, a spontaneous smile, and eyes that sparkle with delight 
can be part of any woman's signature look 
once she awakens to her authentic beauty.” 
― Sarah Ban Breathnach

11 June 2014

Desert Rock

Photo Topic:

Show us a piece

of your part of the world.

Yep, Desert Rock.

(and 108 degrees today)

For the record, yes, I'm feeling better, I have finally shaken
the last bits of this cold.  Work, and life, have been a little
stressful -- but we each trudge on in our way to get through
the rougher times, yes?

“Regardless of the situation, don’t let the bastards win 
… and have no regrets … for it will be a good day!
-Richard Wakinyan

08 June 2014



Colour My Week::


“Magic exists.

Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers,

the music of the wind and the silence of the stars?

Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic.

It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.”

― Nora Roberts

just a few quick lines from me!
Purple... my fav color! 
so a good photo topic!
I've been down with a really awful
cold, even missed work, and I rarely
do that.  Wishin' it would go away
fast -- this one is hanging on! ugh
so i'm trudging off to bed,
but wanted to leave you with
a thought from one of my fav authors:
Magic Exists!!  Go find some :)

04 June 2014

I'm a Woman!

“I can't decide

whether I'm a good girl

wrapped up in a bad girl,

or if I'm a bad girl

wrapped up in a good girl.

And that's how I know

I'm a woman!”

― C. JoyBell C.

03 June 2014


You grow up the day you have your first real laugh
–at yourself.
-Ethel Barrymore

02 June 2014

Why Not?

The best and most beautiful 

things in the world 

cannot be seen nor even touched, 

but just felt in the heart.

-Helen Keller

there are days when i sit down to post here, and 
i can't help but think to myself:  "Why?"
"What is the goal here? What is the point?"
and i don't ever have a definitive answer to that.
Its not about sex.  i guess its just the mystery of
it .... a unique woman unafraid to go beyond 
the boundaries of society - not in a gaudy way
like you see in magazines.  Just in a way that
shows that there is beauty in things and places
you don't expect to see them.  i think moving to
the desert has done that for me.  At first glance,
this is a hostile, barren place to live.  But if 
you watch a cactus, steadfast against the heat 
and limited water supply, slowly grow its only 
flower whose petals are delicate as tissue paper 
and brightly colored, you realize that it takes 
quite an effort to be so beautiful, even for such
a short time.  A cactus flower rarely lasts more 
than 24-36 hours.  If you don't happen to catch it, 
you may not get to see it again for another year.  
Maybe i'm just rambling in a moment of time that
has me wondering "why" .... and that's when i
tell myself, "why not?"

01 June 2014

No limits

Never limit yourself 

because of others’ 

limited imagination; 

never limit others 

because of your own 

limited imagination.

-Mae Jemison

Hold Still

Photography takes 

an instant out of time, 

altering life 

by holding it still.” 

– Dorothea Lange

psssst, Sadie....

hold still