29 April 2014


Just a quick peek as i was getting ready to go out.....

there's something intimate in watching a woman
go through her little routine of primping ..... 

28 April 2014


“Ô, Sunlight! 

The most precious gold 

to be found on Earth.” 

― Roman Payne

There is nothing like the feel
of warm sunshine against
bare skin.  Add in a light breeze,
and this is close to heaven!

27 April 2014


“Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,

For I would ride with you upon the wind,

Run on the top of the disheveled tide,

And dance upon the mountains 

like a flame.” 

― W.B. Yeats

Like Yeats, have you ever yearned for
some magical faeries to take you away from
the life you have, to make a new one?
We all have dreams of things being different
from time to time, but in reality, would we
take along the self we have already become
and recreate the life we already have?
Just a little introspection today, because yes,
i have pondered some wishes in my life
from time to time.

26 April 2014


“Close your eyes

and turn your face into the wind.

Feel it sweep along your skin

in an invisible ocean of exultation.

Suddenly, you know you are alive.”

― Vera Nazarian

Easy breezy day,
so i thought i would
catch me a few rays
along with a breeze or two.

Of course i had to grab
my camera and
snap a couple of shots
for you!

25 April 2014


I am going to be my own worst critic on this one.

Let me explain....

in my photography daily challenge, the topic was "clothes" -- and a pile of clothes or clothes on hangers seemed boring to me.

On my bedroom wall, I have a print called "What to wear?".  All you can see is the back of her hat and her cute lil' butt, looking at a line of laundry.

It's adorable, and when I saw it I felt a niggle of inspiration, thinking I could duplicate that!

Alas, my skills in setting up the shoot were quite lacking, or maybe I was a little lazy, or too much in a hurry.

As I critique my own photo ...  I couldn't get the right angle to get all of me plus the clothes in there.  There's too much background stuff interfering with the simplicity for the image I want.  The colors are harsher than I planned  *sigh*  I wasn't pleased with my results. Which happens from time to time, but I decided I'd share anyhow. :)

Happy Weekend to you!! 

23 April 2014


oh the joys of a hat, a necklace, some lace panties .... :)
these were spur of the moment.  i am recovering --
make that catching up -- from a trip home over the
holiday.  i hope everyone had a good one :)

this was  me being creative, felt a little retro.
i liked the first photo (from yesterday) the best.
It's always fun to pull out the stops with some
black and white poses... :)

22 April 2014


It's always wonderful to be elegant, 
it's always fashionable to have grace, 
it's always glamorous to be brave, 
and it's always important to own a delectable perfume! 
― C. JoyBell C.

17 April 2014


Jump for Joy!

Have you ever wanted to just

be silly and go out there and

jump for joy?

Silly me, that's exactly what

i felt like doing today, so i

stood on my brick wall

(yes, its very low, so i can hardly get hurt!)

and 1... 2.... 3..... GO!!

boy, that felt good :)

You should try it, too!!!!

16 April 2014


with so many working days in a row,

my flowers get the brunt of the neglect

forcing me to get out there and give

them the attention they need.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

The Earth laughs in flowers

isn't that neat?

15 April 2014

I -AM-

i don't usually work on weekends,

so Sunday while there, i decided some

tunes would be a really good thing.

i got hooked on some Neil Diamond.

"I AM" , I said

to no one there.

And no one heard at all

not even the chair.

but i realized that it doesn't matter

if no one heard ... 

what matters is what's inside of me, 

what i think of me.

Because "I AM" 

14 April 2014


Topic:  Get creative with abstraction today

just a bit of the things i try with the daily topics 

for photos.  Yes, this is me, and yes, i'm nude,

however, its very difficult to tell.  There's almost

a fisheye effect to this, and i have fun trying to 

find new ways to make something look different.

And if your curiosity has gotten the better of you,

this was taken with an antique blue drinking glass

taped over the lens.  Old glass tends to be 

rippled ... warped.... warpled?? ok i made that up.

but it makes for fun photos :)

13 April 2014


Hello friend :)  Have I been missed?

I have missed being here, missed using

my creativity to make posts to share

with you!

It has been such a busy time in my

life - work issues and scheduling

problems means i've worked 10 days

in a row.  The light at the end of that

tunnel means a 4+ day weekend!

Which is always an awesome thing!

It also means a quick trip home to see my parents.  And I'm looking forward to that.

On the flip side of things, because my dad is pretty much a shut-in, i've been out

and about on day trips taking photos - the Desert Botanical Garden was an

excellent place to spend a morning!   i've also been using the topics from a

site for daily photography opportunities and using my creativity.

When all is said and done, i use a program to create a slide show, putting

music to it, and burning a DVD to send off to the folks.  They enjoy seeing

places they've never seen, and chuckle at my sense of humor when it comes

to some of the topics!   Always nice to do something for my parents,

as they've done so much for me :)

07 April 2014


"Think outside of the box...
Pledge that you will look in the mirror 
and find the unique beauty in you."  
--Tyra Banks

06 April 2014


“She's beautiful,' he murmured.

'She's a metre across the hips, easily,' said Julia.

'That is her style of beauty,' said Winston.”

― George Orwell, 1984

05 April 2014