23 February 2014


“Rest and be thankful.”
-William Wordsworth

i was called out of town,
a quick trip home.
It's always nice to get away ....

17 February 2014

Lying in the Sun

"So let me lie in the sun
Let me dream all alone
Let my worries fly away
I am happy here 
so let me stay"

"Lying in the Sun" by Free

16 February 2014

In the Sunshine

“A   f l o w e r   c a n n o t   b l o s s o m   w i t h o u t   s u n s h i n e , 
a n d   m a n   c a n n o t   l i v e   w i t h o u t   l o v e . ”
― Max Müller

15 February 2014


M u d f l a p s . . .   y o u   k n o w   t h e   k i n d !

it's a line from the song "Chrome"
by Trace Adkins....
and if you've ever been stuck behind
some 18-wheeler, chances are it has
mudflaps... you know the kind!
Usually its a skinny version,
here's my own BBW version!

14 February 2014


H a p p y   V a l e n t i n e ' s   D a y !

 Time is too slow for those who wait, 
Too swift for those who fear, 
Too long for those who grieve, 
Too short for those who rejoice, 
But for those who love, 
time is eternity.
-Henry Van Dyke

13 February 2014

The Glass

The Glass

Couple of different things with this pix....
first, antique stemware, 1940s depression glass,
with a delicate optic ribbed effect.  Back in the
90s, i loved collecting stemware, in greens and
pinks.  second, with photography sometimes a
creative block comes, and then one can turn to
any number of places that post a "theme of the day"
Today's theme was "glass".  

12 February 2014


Real beauty, the interesting, truly pleasing kind, 

is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. 

It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty 

has no hold over you.”

--Golda Poretsky

11 February 2014

80s Rock

Then I saw those black lace panties 
and I knew that it was you.

if you're a fan of 80s rock,
you should recognize this
line from an iconic song.... 
It starts like this....
"I got a letter just the other day 
She sent a picture.....   "

Can you comment the next lines of the song??

10 February 2014


“the late afternoon sunlight,

warm as oil,

sweet as childhood ...”

-- Stephen King, Carrie

“There is always music

amongst the trees

in the Garden,

but our hearts

must be very quiet

to hear it.”

― Minnie Aumonier

09 February 2014


i've just recently planted some lavender in the garden, and ohhhhh how i enjoy it!  Being the curious sort, i had to look up things about lavender, to share:

Lavender is symbolic of magic, love, 
protection, healing, and vision.

 The most common meaning of the 
Lavender flower is love and devotion. 
 Lavender flowers are also associated with 
purity, silence and caution. 
They also offer the promise of new adventure.

 Lavender color is the color of feminity, 
it represents 
 grace, elegance, romance, 
something unique and special. 

Lavender color is associated with 
spiritual healing and tranquillization.

08 February 2014



"Women who don't wear underwear, 
never get their panties in a bunch."

(ok, had to post that quote because it made me chuckle!)


it was a relaxing Friday night
(after getting the usual chores done)
and i'm looking forward to a warmer
weekend, with not a lot of things on
my "to do" list.....


"You are....

a fairy or a wood nymph

or something of the like.

You are a being of

beauty, delicacy,

mystery and magic...."

Very kind words....
I was very touched
Thank You, JB!!!

in my mind today,
its "finally Friday" ....
took forever to get
through this work week.
Work has been
extra stressful lately,
and that spills over
into Life.

It shouldn't though.
In a moment of clarity,
I realized that while our
work, our job, is important,
it shouldn't be our reason
for being.

We shouldn't live to work,
we should work to live!

07 February 2014

The Mirror

“Look in the mirror. 

What you see there is what you get from others. 

When you smile, 
smile comes back to you. 

When you get angry, 
anger comes back to you. 

When you love, 
love comes back to you, 

When you hate, 
hatred comes back to you.
That's very simple. 

You can make your life 
however you like 
by how you behave.”
 ― Hiroko Sakai

Go out and make
a beautiful day!
Smile at someone,
Laugh with someone,
and most of all,
Love someone!!

05 February 2014

02 February 2014

Welcome February!



it's been a long cold
winter for so many
folk out there,
i hope you
stayed warm!

February sweeps in
bringing a promise
of warmer weather,
spring is just
around the corner!

After a day of house
cleaning and purging
some old CDs,
a last moment of
evening sun
streamed in my window ....

If its cold
where you are,
maybe this will
warm you up!

01 February 2014

Thoughts on a Hat

"When you wear a hat, 

it is like medicine for the soul.  

The hat is the expression of 

who you are as a woman 

in every moment!  

The hat is your dream

of who you can be.  

It facilitates the different parts 

of who you are:  

With the wave of the hat, voila!  

You are mysterious...

no, you are sexy...
now proper...

now playful."

Not a lot of women wear hats these days;
here in the Valley of the Sun, you see three
kinds:  a cowgirl hat, a baseball cap, or a
sun visor.  While i don't wear them often,
i have always been a fan of hats, and have...
(yes, i'm looking over and counting them
right now....)  ...yes, i have 15 hats hanging
in an arrangement on my bedroom wall. :)