16 January 2014

Take it Easy

“Take It easy, 
take it easy.  

Don't let the sound 
of your own wheels  
drive you crazy.   
Lighten up while you 
still can, don't even 
try to understand.
Just find a place to 
make your stand 
and take it easy. ” 

If you're like me, you read those words, and the tune immediately comes to mind.  (Did you sing along as you read them?  I bet you did!) The 70s were great years to grow up in.  We had terrific tunes like this one from The Eagles, coming in the aftermath of the 60s, the Viet Nam war, and all the confusions which were a part of that era.  I think the ovreall goal in the 70s was to forget those times, to find a "happier place" ..... to take it easy.

That's what I did for a day ... take it easy.
Hopefully, you find time to take it easy as well.


  1. the way u took self portrait are unique

    1. Thanks, Mr.Deri for you comment. I always appreciate hearing your thoughts! Hope your day is terrific :) ~Gal