22 January 2014


 “To lose confidence in one’s body 
is to lose confidence in oneself.” 
--Simone de Beauvoir

just a mid week shot as i
was doodling around
while getting ready for
another day.

it's been a rough 10 days,
am looking forward
to a long weekend....
got any plans of your own???


  1. Beautiful photos! Hard light, but it works really well, cool colours, too, and I love the compositions.
    I hope you'll enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Nadja! I will definitely enjoy the weekend, Spring is springing here in the southwest! Hopefully you will enjoy yours too! xox :)

  2. Yes I have plans, I'm moving. The other grandmother to my granddaughters passed away. Between her and her husband and me we have custody of the girls. Now with her passing I have them more on a permanent bases now. So I need a bigger home and a better school district. So away I got to new digs...what fun what fun. ugh. But that doesn't mean I wont still be looking for you Gal. Always love my dose of Gal!

    1. I'm sorry for the girls' loss,,, You're doing a wonderful thing, and I admire you! Raising children is no easy task, but I'm sure its more difficult at our age than it was when we had ours! Sometimes new digs can be a good thing; here's hoping it all goes very smoothly for you! *hugs*