04 January 2014

A New Year...

the new year begins, 
and we ponder the possibilities..... 
like a box of crayons we received as a child,
the possibilities are endless!

In looking ahead, its always good to check
the past, see how far we've come.
i dug up pix from the past Januarys 
as a starting point in my own journey.

Perhaps its time for a change in your job,
or you want to make yourself healthier,
maybe you'll set a personal goal to travel more,
to be kinder to your family, 
to mend fences that are broken.
Or maybe its time to get back to 
a habit or hobby that has been 
put on a back burner.  
Life is short - 
too short to let it slip by.   
my own personal challenge is to 
do something for me every day.
we all have those things that 
keep our time occupied.
Between work, our commute, 
family obligations and the
normal chores of every day living, 
we forget to take a moment
to admire a beautiful flower, 
to watch the sun set, to soak up
some of nature's goodness, 
to do something for ourselves
that bring us a little joy 
each and every day.
for me, that sometimes is taking a photograph. 
sometimes its something as simple as
enjoying a hot shower with extra bubbles,
or slathering on your favorite scented lotion.

There's joy and happiness to be found in every corner of our
lives, if only we're willing to take a moment, set aside the worries
and the irritations of the day and notice them!

1 comment:

  1. It's important to enjoy these 'little things' indeed, if we don't enjoy these, what's left.
    This set of photos shows your creativity and your search for beauty in this life very well. I'm looking forward to see what beauty and fun you will bring this year!
    Best wishes, Lin, for you and all who are dear to you.