31 January 2014

Red Hat

 "Women wearing hats are at once

sophisticated and whimsical...."

just a little Friday fun times
as the sunshine streamed
in my window.

Happy Weekend to you!

And if you're a sporting fan.....
who will you root for in the Superbowl?

30 January 2014



Light can be gentle, 

dangerous, dreamlike, 

bare, living, dead, 

misty, clear, hot, dark, 

violet, springlike, falling, 

straight, sensual, limited, 

poisonous, calm and soft. 

~Sven Nykvist

29 January 2014


After a long session at the gym,
one of the necessities of life
is stretching muscles so they
aren't stiff in the morning.
(ok, maybe its just for this old gal!)

On a positive note,
I broke a personal record
today:   one mile in 13:50 -
my goal is a 13 minute mile

25 January 2014


.....and sometimes you just have to dance 
to the music that's playing.....

Happy Weekend to you!


“Women need real moments 

of solitude and self-reflection 

to balance out how much of 

ourselves we give away.”    

- Barbara de Angelis

It's hard to find moments of real solitude. 
How often do we sit down to have a 
moment to ourselves and the phone rings, 
or someone hollers "MOM!" (or Dad, or ..... )  
We need to make time for our self, to schedule 
in our R&R moments, just like every other 
necessity that we pencil into our appointment 
books.  Sometimes it only takes 15 minutes, 
but those few minutes are important to 
decompress, to help with the balance in our lives.

24 January 2014


“It isn't what you have

or who you are 

or where you are 

or what you are doing 

that makes you 

happy or unhappy. 

It is what you think about it.”

-Dale Carnegie

Just a bit more of the inspiration
and motivation needed to get 
through the remainder of this week.

Balancing all the parts of our lives
isn't easy, and attitude is affected
(when we let it) when things are 
out of balance.  

If Only ....

 I was watching "You've Got Mail" over the weekend, and near the end, Joe Fox gives Kathleen a "what if ... " scenario about them meeting, how if he didn't force her business to close, if they were just two normal people, how he'd get her number, phone her up for a date....  and ends the speech with a sad, yearning "If only ...."

We all have "if only" moments in our lives.
"If only"  I had taken a risk on a business deal.
"If only" I had taken that job someone offered.
"If only" I had asked that person on a date.
"If only" I had the courage to .... (fill in your own blank)

But would things be different if we'd gone with the
"if only" scenario?  Would they be better?
or could things be worse?
Those are questions we'll never know the answer to.

I pondered my own "if only's"  ......
and it didn't change a thing.
The best thing it seems is to stop letting fear win,
and trying things that are new, different, appealing,
and leaving the "if only's" in the dust.

(in the busy-ness of this week, I found I'd started
this post.... and left it sitting.... *sigh*  some days
are like that ..... )

23 January 2014

Inner Goddess

 “My inner goddess 

is doing the merengue 

with some salsa moves.”

--E.L. James

in the strange way that life
has, even though i have been
so tired and wrung out from
the 12 day work week,
(yes, special circumstances)
i was inspired to work on
some pix .....
because one needs balance,
feeding the creative side
leaves me with a better attitude! 


Good Morning, Friend!

 "Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? 
We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. 
We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained."
— Marie Curie

22 January 2014


 “To lose confidence in one’s body 
is to lose confidence in oneself.” 
--Simone de Beauvoir

just a mid week shot as i
was doodling around
while getting ready for
another day.

it's been a rough 10 days,
am looking forward
to a long weekend....
got any plans of your own???


"A woman is the full circle.  

Within her is the power to create, 

nurture, and transform."

— Diane Mariechild

21 January 2014


"Don't let anyone rob you

of your imagination,

your creativity,

or your curiosity.

It's your place in the world;

it's your life.

Go on and do all you can with it,

and make it the life you want to live."

— Mae C. Jemison

introspection and inspiration go hand in hand....
its always good to look back, to look things over,
to ponder the when, where, and why's of life.
But in the long run, we all need to get back on
track and move forward.  And even though i
post these thoughts for myself, i have found in
the past that it can often relate to someone else ....

maybe you need a bit of inspiration today
--- i hope you find it!

20 January 2014


When your alarm goes off .....

(mine rings at 4:35am)

what kind of person are you?

Do you hop out of bed

to get started on your day?

or are you a snoozer,

hitting that button 2-3 times

and stay snuggled in the covers

until that last possible moment??

I hop out of bed, feet hit the floor,

and its UP and At'em !!

Hooray for Mondays, eh?

19 January 2014

Age is a number

"Aging is not 

'lost youth' 

but a new stage of 

opportunity and strength."

— Betty Friedan

lots of introspection lately,
some of it regarding age,

When it comes to aging,
i find myself looking in
the mirror, wondering
'When did i become old?'
i do things, think things,
same as i did 20 yrs ago,
and can hardly believe
this is my 55th year.

But aging doesn't mean an end...
it's just another phase
in this awesome thing
called Life.

16 January 2014

Take it Easy

“Take It easy, 
take it easy.  

Don't let the sound 
of your own wheels  
drive you crazy.   
Lighten up while you 
still can, don't even 
try to understand.
Just find a place to 
make your stand 
and take it easy. ” 

If you're like me, you read those words, and the tune immediately comes to mind.  (Did you sing along as you read them?  I bet you did!) The 70s were great years to grow up in.  We had terrific tunes like this one from The Eagles, coming in the aftermath of the 60s, the Viet Nam war, and all the confusions which were a part of that era.  I think the ovreall goal in the 70s was to forget those times, to find a "happier place" ..... to take it easy.

That's what I did for a day ... take it easy.
Hopefully, you find time to take it easy as well.

15 January 2014


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes 
the whole world around you 
because the greatest secrets are always hidden 
in the most unlikely places. 
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
-Roald Dahl

14 January 2014


...there are times

when we stop.

We sit still.

We listen...

and breezes from

a whole other world

begin to whisper.

~James Carroll

13 January 2014

Do Nothing

There's never enough time 

to do all the nothing 

you want.  

~Bill Watterson


sometimes it's important
to take time out
to just breathe
enjoy the sunlight
in your favorite chair
that perfect corner
and watch the world
slip past
even if its just for
a few simple moments

12 January 2014

Eight Days

Eight days go by without picking up
my camera.  i'm finding it difficult to
tap into my creative side again -
which is typical when other parts of
life force me to be completely absorbed
with little time to think or feel things.

In order to maintain the balance
i'm striving for in this new year,
i forced myself to pick it up today.
For me.
Lucky you gets to see the results. :)

A true balance 
between work and life
comes with knowing 
that your life activities 
are integrated, not separated.”
-Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

10 January 2014

Be Aware

"Be aware of wonder. 
Live a balanced life - 
learn some and think some 
and draw and paint and sing 
and dance and play 
and work every day some."
-Robert Fulgham

A warm January morning here in the
Valley of the Sun - there is nothing
like the feeling of the sun against
bare skin ....

Happiness is not a matter of intensity 
but of balance and order 
and rhythm and harmony. 
-Thomas Merton

It was enough to get me up out of my
chair to do a little dance, play in the
breeze, and create some joy!

08 January 2014


“To live a more balanced life, 
glance at the past, 
live in the present, 
and focus on the future.”
― Todd Stocker

this year my focus is on balance - for me, personally,
i find that i tend to fully immerse myself in one thing
or another, and the rest becomes unbalanced.

Which isn't a bad thing if you're immersed in something
that's worthwhile, and not such a good thing if your
focus becomes on your job, or a bad habit,
and the rest of life sits by the wayside.....

 Next to love, 

balance is 

the most important thing. 

-John Wooden

i pondered posting this at all as its not aesthetically a
pleasing photo, but its more to the truth, my own
reality.  To be honest, though, a year ago i couldn't
balance on one foot to save my life... thank goodness
for good trainers and old fashioned hard work.

May you always find balance in your life --
i know i'll be working on that in mine.... Happy 2014!

07 January 2014

Practice Art

The arts are not a way to make a living. 
They are a very human way 
of making life more bearable. 
Practicing an art, 
no matter how well or badly, 
is a way to make your soul grow, 
for heaven's sake. 

Sing in the shower. 
 Dance to the radio. 
Tell stories. 
Write a poem to a friend, 
even a lousy poem. 
Do it as well as you possible can. 

You will get an enormous reward. 
You will have created something.” 

-Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

For those of you
with extra cold temps .....
my gloves are on, too!

05 January 2014


 “You never know what's around the corner. 

It could be everything.  Or it could be nothing. 

You keep putting one foot in front of the other, 

and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.” 

-Tom Hiddleston

if we focus, and try our best, sometimes we can
achieve great things!  Just across the Valley, there is
Lost Dutchman State Park, a great place for hiking
in the Superstition Mountain range.  I've been there
several times, but never been able to complete any
of the trails for one reason or another.  Friday, I made
up my mind, and trekked the 2.5 miles (with Sadie,
of course!) up hill and back!  

For me it was a double bonus:  
I reached and surpassed an obstacle,
and I did something for me, 
which I am trying to do every day.

04 January 2014

A New Year...

the new year begins, 
and we ponder the possibilities..... 
like a box of crayons we received as a child,
the possibilities are endless!

In looking ahead, its always good to check
the past, see how far we've come.
i dug up pix from the past Januarys 
as a starting point in my own journey.

Perhaps its time for a change in your job,
or you want to make yourself healthier,
maybe you'll set a personal goal to travel more,
to be kinder to your family, 
to mend fences that are broken.
Or maybe its time to get back to 
a habit or hobby that has been 
put on a back burner.  
Life is short - 
too short to let it slip by.   
my own personal challenge is to 
do something for me every day.
we all have those things that 
keep our time occupied.
Between work, our commute, 
family obligations and the
normal chores of every day living, 
we forget to take a moment
to admire a beautiful flower, 
to watch the sun set, to soak up
some of nature's goodness, 
to do something for ourselves
that bring us a little joy 
each and every day.
for me, that sometimes is taking a photograph. 
sometimes its something as simple as
enjoying a hot shower with extra bubbles,
or slathering on your favorite scented lotion.

There's joy and happiness to be found in every corner of our
lives, if only we're willing to take a moment, set aside the worries
and the irritations of the day and notice them!