08 September 2013

Sunday's Rest

“Rest and be thankful.” 

 -William Wordsworth

resting and relaxing

was the mode for today

with not much in the way

of energy beyond walking

Sadie in the early morning

sprinkles at the park.

She gets me up and going

early every day,

but there's always time

for rest afterward!


  1. Oh to do nothing all day but relax. I don't relax like you do, I keep my boxers on. I have a doggy door so, Zeus can come and go as he pleases.

    1. Maybe you should try relaxing this way...... *grin*
      and if you do, snap a pic or two!

  2. LOL...yes maybe I should, but the big question is, where would I upload them? Couldn't use DA on dear no. And it just wouldn't fit in to the, My Hometown blog. What's a man to do?