12 September 2013


Learn to get in touch 

with the silence 

within yourself 

and know that 

everything in this life 

has a purpose.  

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

some weekends are

very quiet for me...

this past weekend was one.

Nothing scheduled,

nothing pressing,

just time to sit quiet

if only for a brief time.


  1. The first photo is SO BEAUTIFUL!
    The pose is absolutely fantastic, and how the great soft light falls on all those beautiful curves and shapes, stunning.
    Your angle towards the light is just perfect.
    The room is a great decor, with the windows with the curtains and the blinds. The contrast of the lines of the blinds and the soft folds of the curtains is so cool. And then the beautiful little soft folds in the sheet, even more beautiful shapes for the light to play with.

    1. Thanks Nadja! Appreciate your artist's eye :) Sometimes I just tell myself that all I did was get lucky.... *chuckles* But we both know that with practice, we can sense when a shot has the right timing. HUGS, happy weekend my friend! xox

  2. Yes, I often felt that I was just lucky, too. But then you slowly start realising that you get luckier and luckier more and more. Until you have no choice but to admit to yourself that it seems that you have learned a thing or two...
    And that's great fun of course! :-))
    Keep it up! Always a pleasure to look at your new work!

  3. I so love that first photo. It is very classic pin up. Kind of a classic pose. Your lighting is spot on. The setting adds to the mood. This is just overall beautiful.


    1. Thanks! I always look forward to your input, your critiques. Its what helps make for better photos -- or at least attempts at them!