23 September 2013


sometimes i wake up in the wee hours
its midnight, and i feel .... lonely.
i don't mind being alone .... most days.

but sometimes at night
i miss having someone nearby
to share things
like a cuddle
or a caress

especially during weeks
like this one.
i'm doing double duty of
my job responsibilities
in two different stores.

my legs, my feet
and my back
are tired and achy.
so i lay here in bed
and tossing and turning
trying to get comfortable.

being this busy leaves
very little time for
daily pleasures
like posting pix
for you.

In the meantime, here are
a couple from 2006 and
2008... digital cameras
have come a long way
since then, and so have i !!


  1. It seems as though you've always been a lovely lady. You know Gal it is true, sometimes you just need someone. Doesn't always have to be about sex maybe just to rub those tired feet. Or someone to vent to about the job and the assholes you piss you off everyday. Or like you said, someone to maybe get a snuggle from. That is the one thing I miss about being married is the companionship. I don't think anyone likes being alone.

  2. Very nice pictures Lin. They seem to show you in different moods. Each one different from the other. Hugs Lady!

  3. No matter when you are photographed, your beauty comes out in each and every one....Mr Phx.