07 September 2013


“When we least expect it,

life sets us a challenge

to test our courage and

willingness to change;

at such a moment,

there is no point in pretending

that nothing has happened

or in saying that we are not yet ready.

The challenge will not wait.

Life does not look back.

A week is more than enough time

for us to decide whether or not

 to accept our destiny.”

 -Paul Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym

every now and then,

i grab a little courage

and keep trying to

convince myself that

i'm not overexposed.

(i like the way the light

bounced off my hip

in the top picture)


  1. Wow Gal this is a side of you i've never seen before. And I must say I like it, you should do more. Not that I'm a pervert or anything. I just love your photography and can't get enuf. Okay maybe I am a bit of a perv, but who isn't??!! Love them look forward to more. :)

    1. Thanks Mr. K! I am becoming less shy about the pictures I take, but it still feels a bit pervy to me to take these kinds of shots -- but that doesn't mean I'll stop! hehehe HUGS!

    2. Well my dear you shouldn't be shy at all, you are a lovely woman. Nothing wrong with being a little pervy, it's good for the soul. I am looking forward to see just how naughty you can be. :)

  2. I'm a bit of a perv, too, but indeed, who isn't! :-))
    But besides that, these are just really very beautiful photos of a very beautiful, intriguing, and, no matter how much photos you have seen of it already, still always mysterious subject.
    Look at those lines and shapes and structures, only to be found it the most amazing creatures on this earth, like shells and other sea creatures and flowers and... woman.
    Wonderful photos, Theolin!

    1. Thanks Nadja! I like what you said, that its always a mysterious subject :) HUGS!