31 August 2013


It's possible that you have been told 

a time or 10 that you don't appreciate 

how tough your elders had it.  

It's true that, if you had been coming of age 

back in, say, 1960, you would probably 

be feeling more restricted, if only because 

you were doomed to spend your days 

in a skirt, nylon stockings and a girdle.  

-Gail Collins

Thankfully, those days are past

and we're free to wear things that

suit our personality. :)

It's the weekend, Saturday morning,

and Sadie of course wants to be in

the middle of everything.....

so here's my posts with Sadie in them :)

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning,

hope you had a chance to catch

a glimpse of it, too.


As I stumbled my way out the back door to let Sadie out, 
i caught a glimpse of this gorgeous sunrise and grabbed my camera.
It was so colorful, it looks like a sunset!

Q&A: The Start

A lot of people have asked how or when did I start taking these kinds of pictures??

The first topless pic I took of myself was back in 1997.  I was on a trip to Las Vegas for a work convention.  I'd had a glass of wine or two, and on the spur of the moment snapped a picture.  This was before digital, of course, and I wondered if they wouldn't print the picture!  But they did :)

My next act of photography bravery was this one.  In the marriage, when the love life hadn't been up to par, I slipped into this outfit and paraded around the bedroom to get his attention.  Did it work? Did it help?  Nope, he was too busy on the computer.  Naive me thought he was playing games -- well, he was, but with people's lives!  (ca. 1998)

This next picture (ca 1998) was taken for a special man I met on the internet.  Recently divorced, I was craving attention and needed a little validation.  The whole deal happened, friendship bloomed, I took this pic with my first digital camera -- the clarity was terrible!  But what do you expect for $20?  But cameras going digital was exciting times!  (As a side note, it wasn't long before I packed up my kids and moved cross country to marry this "internet love" -- yeah, as expected it didn't work out in the long run.)

Ca. 2005 and digital cameras have come a lot further!  I started taking photos to share with friends I was chatting with.  And someone joked that I had enough photos to create a calendar!  While it seemed like it was a funny idea, it planted the seed to take a series of pix every month -- so I did!

My pix caught the attention of a special Man and he gifted me a wonderful new digital camera (among other things) .... It took terrific pictures (once i figured out how to use it!) From that point on, I was constantly taking pix!

Eventually it evolved into the blog. 
I like having a place
to share myself with you!!

28 August 2013


i mentioned that i'd been

having a little back trouble

and that my foam roller

was the way to go to

work out the kinks.....

.....  so why not share

some of my reality here?

definitely not glamorous

in any way! 

but a good roll out will

take the kinks out of

your back, hips, even

legs, arms and neck!

Roll on!!

or Get your roll on!!


sounds like an advert for

underarm deodorant!


There's a storm blowin' in ...

Only a small patch of blue

showing while all around me

are dark rain-filled clouds --

sure hope it rains here!

And just a short while later.....

no rain here, maybe in other

parts of the valley, but it

left us with a pretty sunset!

27 August 2013

Magic Hat

"A hat is a flag, 

a shield, 

a bit of armor, 

and the badge of femininity. 

A hat is the difference 

between wearing clothes 

and wearing a costume; 

it's the difference between 

being dressed 
and being dressed up; 

it's the difference between 

looking adequate 

and looking your best. 

A hat is to be stylish in, 

to glow under, 

to flirt beneath, 

to make all others 

seem jealous over, 

and to make all men 

feel masculine about. 

A piece of magic is a hat." 

-Martha Sliter

(and sometimes  .....
         ..... hats are just plain fun!   ~Gal)

25 August 2013

Cloudy Day

Stepped out today,
and found it
grey and cloudy,
with a few sprinkles.
i admit, its not easy
being creative
when you're not feeling
at the top of your game.

with a little luck,
some good wishes,
a few stretches,
(and a dollop of BenGay)
it will be a better week!

yeah, yeah, i admit it,
i'm getting older -- and
the creaks are settling in. :)
even Sadie doesn't leave
my side when i'm 'different'.

Thank You's

A great big Thank You!
for taking time to stop by
from the heart of my bottom! 

21 August 2013

The V

Early Sunday morning,
the sun wasn't even
peeking out yet,

this little night light
happened to be on
and i wondered,
"Can i get a pic
out of this?"

seems as if i can!

i call this picture
an accident 
waiting to happen!
sometimes with 
a self timer
its snaps when i'm not
expecting it to.... 
and i happened to be 
dashing right in front 
of the lens! 
wasn't sure if i felt 
i should share....
but why not? 
i'm here among
friends, right?

20 August 2013


what is she DOING?
you're probably asking yourself.

well.  Monday at work, I stepped
wrong, and/or twisted wrong -
or even both at the same time!
and strained my gluteus maximus
along with my IT band.
I've done it once before, and
i know the best thing is to get
it stretched and worked over
back into position.

Lucky for me, my trainer was free yesterday, he helped me get onto a foam roller the
right way, pressing on the sore spot for some myofascial release, then he stretched,
tugged and pushed --- all in the name of warming up for a workout of course! hah hah
he can be evil that way!  But I had a good workout, wasn't feeling too sore after, or
even this morning.  Vitamin D and some aspirin for inflammation, and with any luck,
I'll be good as new by the end of the week.   i think i'm gonna get a foam roller ....
that was like having a massage as i rolled my hips, my butt and my back with it!

So... here i am, stretching my muscles back into feeling good again.  After walking
all day, just sitting in a chair makes me stiff, so i'm flat on a my back for a while.
As you can see, Sadie is right there .... "Are you OK mom???"   *laughs* 

19 August 2013


 “If you seek 

creative ideas 

go walking.

Angels whisper 

to a man 

when he goes 

for a walk.”
-Raymond I. Myers

hello, it's good to see you again!

i don't often do a lot of editing

when i take photos... i usually

prefer a good shot, good light,

just the camera and me.

but today, i felt like being

just a little bit creative.

i burned in a border,

then added some gold light.

i hope you like

this dreamy, vintage look

as much as i do! 

18 August 2013


"There are many
good inventions
on earth,
some useful,
some pleasing:
for their sake,
the earth is
to be loved.
And there is
such a variety
of well-invented
things that the
earth is like
the breasts
of a woman:
useful as well
as pleasing.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche,
Thus Spoke Zarathustra

16 August 2013


"Grace is in garments, in movements, in manners; 
beauty in the nude, and in forms. 
This is true of bodies; 
but when we speak of feelings, 
beauty is in their spirituality, and grace in their moderation."
-Joseph Joubert
when i found time to peruse these sets of photos,
this was my fav of all of them
simple elegance

15 August 2013


just a couple more poses

from sunny California

when I managed to

carve out a few

private moments

wish I'd had my tripod

with me ...

sometimes, you just

gotta make do.


14 August 2013


“Look in the mirror. 
What you see there is what you get from others. 
When you smile, smile comes back to you. 
When you get angry, anger comes back to you. 
When you love, love comes back to you.
When you hate, hatred comes back to you.
That's very simple. 
You can make your life however you like by how you behave.”
-Hiroko Sakai

13 August 2013

The Ass

"A whiskey glass and a woman's ass 

are the downfall of many a good man."

~Rick Chapman

12 August 2013


vacation time is a good thing
even when it can be ....

well, let's just say
they take effort sometimes.

Flight delays left me with
very little time, so a quick

post for today.....

lots of traffic lately,

so glad you took time to stop by!

“In matters of healing 

the body or the mind, 

vacation is a true genius!” 

-Mehmet Murat ildan

10 August 2013


“Always be 

a first rate version 

of yourself 

and not a 

second rate version 

of someone else.” 

-Judy Garland

Nothing makes

a woman

more beautiful

than the belief

that she is beautiful.

09 August 2013


“Mirror, mirror, here I stand. 
Who is the fairest in the land?”
-Wilhelm Grimm, Grimm's Fairy Tales

Good morning!
So glad you stopped by
i am spending a few days
out of town
but couldn't resist
adding a post :)
*note to self, a photo editing
program is needed on the netbook!


Appreciating all

the traffic here lately,

thank you

for stopping by


Of all the judgements

and beliefs

that each one of us owns,

none is more important

than the ones we have

about ourselves.

--Wayne W. Dyer

08 August 2013


when i saw this pose
i thought,
boy, i look sad.
or maybe its
a defeated posture.
or just plain tired.
there has been just
too much life lately

The first step

toward being loved

is learning to love

what you see

when you look

in the mirror.

-Tadahiko Nagao

05 August 2013


Most things in the world
aren't black,
aren't white,
aren't wrong,
aren't right,
but most of everything
is just different.
And now I know that
there's nothing wrong with different

--C. JoyBell C.

just a couple of images
in a series of black and white

this series is an attempt to
play with light and dark
even going so far as to
set up a lamp and see
what comes with it.

as always, some are
better than others

i'll be out of town for
a week, spending some
quality time with my folks
and also making sure that
their i's are dotted
and their t's are crossed

in the meantime
i have a few posts
created that are
scheduled to post
in a timely manner--
no GAL withdrawals!

02 August 2013


The mystery

of a line,

an edge,

a curve

“A woman is a warrior too.

But she is meant to be a warrior

in a uniquely feminine way.

Sometime before the

sorrows of life did their best

to kill it in us, most young women

wanted to be a part of something grand,

something important.”

 -Stasi Eldredge,  
Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery 
of a Woman's Soul

 i was feeling a bit edgy, a bit mysterious
when i took these photos.  with life and
all its craziness the past few days, i found
when i checked in here, that i'd started
this post, and never completed it....
Taa Daa... its completed now.
silly me!