29 July 2013

Birthday Suit

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”  
-William Shakespeare
(Happy 54th to me!)

28 July 2013


i chose "edges" as a theme,

because lately life seems as

if its on an edge.

or a ledge.

if you've ever dealt with

family decisions surrounding

a terminal illness,

you'll understand.

there are two things

that stand out for me -

time seems to crawl

and yet you know deep

inside, there isn't enough time!

“Beyond the edge of the world

there’s a space where emptiness

and substance neatly overlap,

where past and future form

a continuous, endless loop.

And, hovering about,

there are signs

no one has ever read,

chords no one has ever heard.”

       -Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

(Kafka on the Shore is one of the best books i've ever read.  If you haven't had a chance,
i highly recommend it! ) 

24 July 2013


Most days when

i grab the camera

Sadie likes to be

right in the thick of it!

Here's the rest of

yesterday's photos --

they didn't get posted

because of some

"Sadie interference".

"People look
more beautiful,
God-like and
dignified to me
when they are naked...
Nothing is more beautiful,
therefore, than a naked person."
---Jim C. Cunningham

23 July 2013

Dream a Dream

"To dream a dream 

is to awaken your inner self. 

Your wants, 

your desires,

your passions 

are given life."

i've been in a "dream" theme for the past couple of days, 

and i'm not certain of the reasons for it.

perhaps it has something to do with 

having some vivid dreams lately.

i go through times where i remember

dreams in detail, other times where i

know i dreamed but can't remember,

then there are those days when i'm

so tired... i can't remember if i

had a dream at all! 

22 July 2013

21 July 2013


i had every intention of

getting up this morning

and creating a great

set of pix ..... 

but the weather here

didn't cooperate

and i had to clean up

messes from last night's

storm ..... 

instead, i got three while

i was in my "good morning,

let's get dressed and take

a walk" phase. 

Good morning to YOU!

18 July 2013


just a few pix

shot in sepia

and even tho

i was feeling

'fat' today

.... i still post!

I looked up "feeling fat"

and found a doc who says

"Fat is not a feeling.

Technically, one cannot

feel fat any more than

one can feel yellow."
     (-Dr. Stacey Nye)

The cure?

Dress with care,


and eat right,

and those feelings

should pass.

Went to the gym,

had salad for dinner

then undressed..... does that count?  *giggles*


life's been just like

this picture ....

a little blurry.

while i'm lucky

that i have both

my parents living,

my father's health

has taken a turn

with the big "C"

and i'm trying to
(I love to experiment with photos...)
come to grips

with the circle of life.

in the meantime,

i haven't forgotten

to post here.  :) 

17 July 2013


This was my fav

in the series

i think its the

lines that drew

me in.

and of course,

i love shooting in

black and white! 

And this is what happens

when a gal isn't too

careful when standing

on a chair! 


no worries, i only

lost my balance,

(maybe a little pride! haha)

but no gals were hurt in

the shooting of this pic! 

15 July 2013


“Pay attention

to the intricate patterns

of your existence

that you take for granted.”

―Doug Dillon

 just a few more

from the same morning

have you ever considered

how difficult it can be

to make photos with the

same props all appear

different and interesting

all at the same time? 
sometimes i worry

that these pix will

become boring

14 July 2013


Creativity involves

breaking out of

established patterns

in order to look at things

in a different way.

-Edward de  Bono

cleaning out my sock drawer this morning,
i found this pair of tights --
do you ever wonder
where you got something? 
and then in the same moment
wonder why you kept it?

i have to admit

they were fun to

wear for a series

of pix......

perhaps that is

the only reason

i kept them :)

13 July 2013

Find Beauty

wishing you

a beautiful morning!!

no matter the weather

where you're at

go out and find beauty

somewhere in nature today!

--even if its just gazing at

a flower in the flower shop


I always find beauty

in things

that are

odd & imperfect -- 

they are much more


-Marc Jacobs
People often say that 
'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' 
and I say that the most liberating thing 
about beauty is realizing that 
you are the beholder. 
This empowers us to find beauty 
in places where others 
have not dared to look, 
including inside ourselves.
-Salma Hayek

12 July 2013

Find Magic


 “The appearance of 

things changes 

according to the emotions; 

and thus we see magic 

and beauty in them, 

while the magic and beauty 

are really in ourselves.”

--Kahlil Gibran

one reason for doing this blog
has been to show the world that
even with an imperfect body,
there is beauty in everything -
that if we pause long enough
to really look, we can see it.

sometimes i use quotes 
to help emphasize what i'm
trying to convey, other times
just my simple words

but the end result is the same:
take a moment to really see
the beauty that surrounds you
its like magic -- very uplifting!




if you 


09 July 2013

500th Post

“You are imperfect, 
permanently and inevitably flawed. 
And you are beautiful.”
-Amy Bloom
this is my 500th post on the blog
and as i look back, well, some are better than others!
  It's been a blast sharing these, seeing where i can go, what i can do.
i'm grateful to all of you who share in this journey of me
especially those who shared their thoughts as well.
 Thank You, from the heart of my bottom!!

08 July 2013

More Dance


even if you have 


to do it 

but your living room.  

~Kurt Vonnegut

And those who 

were seen dancing 

were thought to be 


by those 

who could not 

hear the music.  

~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

just ~ a ~ lot ~ of

early ~*~ morning ~*~ fun

hope you're enjoying
this series of pix


Hey! It's summer! 
Be free and happy 
and danceful and 
uninhibited .... 
~Terri Guillemets

Just a quick

peek a  boob! 


07 July 2013


“I move, therefore I am.” 
-Haruki Murakami, IQ84

i love the fluid motion of the scarf on the still morning air
there was a playfulness this morning that i haven't felt in
a long time - and that can be very uplifting!

06 July 2013


Dance like nobody's watching!

I don't know who said that,
but this morning
as the sun was rising.....


.... i grabbed a scarf
and started my own
little dance ... :)

Do you ever feel like doing that??

Seek Love

The moment 

we begin 

to seek love, 

love begins 

to seek us. 

And to save us.”
― Paulo Coelho

05 July 2013


 Audrey Hepburn says:  
"Elegance is

the only beauty

that never fades."
" ...there are four things admirable

for a woman to be, at any age!

Whether you are four or forty-four

or nineteen!

It's always wonderful to be elegant,

it's always fashionable to have grace,

it's always glamorous to be brave,

and it's always important to own

a delectable perfume!

Yes, wearing a beautiful fragrance

is in style at any age!”

-C. JoyBell C.

 “Elegance is an attitude”

just a leisurely Friday,
and i was feeling
a little elegance
come over me
as the day wore on.

sometimes a simple
gown makes us feel
that way!

(and my perfume of choice is
"Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana)