28 April 2013

Be Yourself

Love yourself…

accept yourself…

be yourself...

these qualities 

will create 
for the first time

an individual 

whose inner flame 

is undivideable,

a great pool of energy 

will gather and 

surround you
 with this 

an inner trust 

will arise 

from within you 

-Swami Rajneesh

27 April 2013

Free Spirit

"Follow Coleman Hawkins' 
improvised lines 
very carefully. 
He is using them 
to tell us something. 
Pay very close attention. 
He is telling us the story 
of the free spirit that is 
doing everything it can 
to escape from within him. 
That same kind of spirit 
is inside me, inside you. 
There--you can hear it, I'm sure: 
the hot breath, 
the shivering heart...."
-Haruki Murakami

 Just a few free spirited 
poses at the end of 
a long hard week....

Happy Weekend!

25 April 2013

Seek Love

Just a few

bits and pieces,

like a collage...

"The love you seek is seeking you at this moment." 

– Deepak Chopra

24 April 2013

Love Yourself

“Let today be the day

you love yourself enough

to no longer just

dream of a better life;

let it be the day

you act upon it.”

-Steve Maraboli

23 April 2013

Still Curvy

What a difference a year makes when you make a plan and stick to it.

I posted this mostly for myself, to see how far I've come.

40lbs lighter, and feeling great!  

Still curvy, always will be!

22 April 2013


Captured another lens flare....

because I could!

Just me being

silly today....

Happy Monday!


Anyone who keeps 

the ability 

to see beauty 

never grows old.

21 April 2013


“Learn to relax. 

Your body is precious, 

as it houses 

your mind and spirit. 

Inner peace begins 

with a relaxed body.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

This week was a photography study in "lens flare". 

Sometimes I enjoy the challenge of a topic presented

and working it in to this blog :)

Can't you just feel the worries melt away

as you relax on this park bench,

shaded from the sun?

20 April 2013


“The eyes are one of the most

powerful tools a woman can have.

With one look, she can relay

the most intimate message.

After the connection is made,

words cease to exist. ”

 -Jennifer Salaiz

“Only in the eyes of love 

you can find infinity.”

-Sorin Cerin

Just a few eye shots, for Mr.FL :)

19 April 2013


“When you do things 

from your soul, 

you feel a river 

moving in you, 

a joy.”
― Rumi

" ... there is no greater joy than to have

an endlessly changing horizon,

for each day to have a new and different sun."

― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

18 April 2013


Far better is it to dare mighty things,
to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure...
than to rank with those poor spirits 
who neither enjoy nor suffer much, 
because they live in a gray twilight 
that knows not victory nor defeat.
-- Theodore Roosevelt

At my first full time job, this quote sat on my boss' desk for as long as I could remember.  And it always served to remind me that we need to try things, even if its outside our comfort zone, because its more important in life to try and perhaps fail, than it is to do nothing, and later in life wish you had. 

Here I am at twilight, the sun set, and the sky turns to indigo.
Its one of the best times of the day,
a time when you can take a deep breath,
let it all out,
and just relax. 

17 April 2013

Self Reflection

Late afternoon,

breezy warm day,

my week's been

on the rough side.

so a few moments

of creativity with

my camera

helps me gain

my  self focus again.

"Women need

real moments

of solitude

and self reflection

to balance out

how much of


we give away.

-Barbara De Angelis

16 April 2013

Counting Sheep

With only one day off this weekend, there wasn't

much time or inclination to take much in the way

of pix.  Here I was, first thing in the morning,

sitting on my patio -- wearing my

"counting sheep" jammies ....

Why did I have to work extra?

well, we were prepping my BigBox store

so they could film a commercial in it

(they did that today, and boy did that

make for a long, boring work day!)

Is it Friday yet???

13 April 2013

Panty Parade

Taking a walk

at the local park

is something I do

3-4 times a week.

Today, I stopped to

take a quick pic :)

And just a little

Panty Parade

silliness from

me to you....

Its funny, but

when your

body changes,

you don't realize

it because its in 

small increments,

but I now fit

into panties

2 sizes smaller

than a year ago....

YaY!    *chuckles*

11 April 2013

Like a Gift

“Like a gift,
beautifully wrapped at the foot of your bed each morning,
today asks that you open it and enjoy everything inside.
Exhaust yourself with all it has to offer!"
-Steve Maraboli

09 April 2013


When I work on my photography

sometimes I like to take a theme

and do something with it.

This week, I've been working

on "textures" .....

So here's a few panty shots! 

08 April 2013



the only thing

each of us can see

is our own shadow."

-Chuck Palahniuk

07 April 2013


sometimes taking self portraits

isn't as easy as it seems....

one has to watch where

shadows fall! 

.....playing with the way

the fringe on the scarf

falls across my skin.....

“There are many good inventions on earth, some useful, some pleasing: for their sake, the earth is to be loved. And there is such a variety of well-invented things that the earth is like the breasts of a woman: useful as well as pleasing.”
~Freidrich Nietzsche

06 April 2013


Taking time out 

each day 

to relax and renew 

is essential 

to living well. 

~Judith Hanson Lasater

here's hoping that you

take a few moments

to find time to relax today.....

thanks so much for

stopping by!


Good Morning!

its been a little busy here,

and i was snapping a few

morning pix to make a post,

and found these i took

the other evening as the

sun was setting....

hard to believe

i overlooked making

a post here!

i hope you'll forgive

my lapse ...  :)

02 April 2013

Sunny Window

just a few

sunny window shots

because I love to play with

shafts of light,

and sunshine

The windows of my soul I throw
Wide open to the sun.
~John Greenleaf Whittier

01 April 2013

Soaking up Sun

 A sensible man will remember 

that the eyes may be confused in two ways - 

by a change from light to darkness

 or from darkness to light; 

and he will recognize that the same thing 

happens to the soul.  


just a little soul searching sort of quote

to suit my mood yesterday. 

Love the sunny windows

and the chance to make new pix

i think i like how

carefree i look in this one

as i lean back

and soak up some warmth