31 March 2013

Curvy Light

"The feminine form

is beautiful." 

-Kate Wicker

I especially liked the pose

in the top picture,

something about the curves

being just right

with the way the light was shining.

Happy Easter to everyone!

30 March 2013


All women are beautiful,

regardless of their looks.

You just need to

touch their soul

with respect and appreciation

for their inner beauty

and you will be

rewarded with joy.

The heart is

way more important

than the package.

29 March 2013

Window's Light


Beauty is not in the face; 

beauty is a light in the heart.  

~Kahlil Gibran


as usual, i am up in the wee morning hours, watching the sun rise over the horizon ....

well, more like over the rooftops of the houses to the east....  

the air is chilly, but it doesn't bother me....

light streams in my french doors; as i notice this, i stop everything, grab my camera, and strip off my jammies so that i can take a picture or two......

i like the way the light 
plays off my curves .....

don't you agree?

By Request

"She imagined 


she had never 

imagined before, 

and she gave herself 

to all that was 

most base and most pure.”

-Paulo Coelho

Requested by Mr. Phx :)

27 March 2013


On the spur of the moment,
my entire evening's plans
changed -- grabbed the camera
and the dog and headed out to
a place in the Valley called
"Hole in the Rock" --

wonderful place to take pix --
hike up the back of the mountain
and slide into the open "hole"
to watch the sun set.....
it was totally amazing.

Sometimes you have to
switch it up,
change your routine,
get out of the rut,
and just do it.

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

26 March 2013

Brave Dance

The last of the series

my dance in the early

morning sunshine ....

I hope each of you

is having a terrific week

 “Every day brings a chance for you 

to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.”

-Oprah Winfrey

“To dance is to be out of yourself. 

Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. 

This is power, it is glory on earth 

and it is yours for the taking”

-Agnes De Mille

25 March 2013

Dance with me?

In the early morning sunshine

I felt energized,

dancing around

.... care to dance with me?

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
-Martha Graham

24 March 2013



You can dance anywhere, 

even if only in your heart.  

~Author Unknown

Stepping out into my yard,

the early morning sun

 inspired me to dance.

23 March 2013

At the Park

An early morning walk

in the park.... and so

many others had the same

idea as I did....

(well, maybe not the

same idea, I was hoping

to get some blog pix!)

Hope you're enjoying

your weekend!

22 March 2013


 Yellow shines with optimism, 

enlightenment, and happiness. 

Shades of golden yellow 

carry the promise 

of a positive future. 

Yellow will advance 

from surrounding colors 

and instill optimism and energy, 

as well as spark creative thoughts.


so I grabbed a few moments

of 'shine' 

and slipped into a little yellow

and let my camera find some

golden moments!


Every now and then when I'm reading, 
I find quotes that strike a chord with me, 
and I feel the need to share

Swath of Yellow

Just out foolin' around

in the early morning sunlight

wearing nothing but

a swath of yellow sheer.....

so many stopped in


it's good to know

that old friends

become new again!

Thank you for leaving

your comments :)

“Yellow is a very favorable vibration
for mental or intellectual activity,
as it promotes a clear state of mind.
Yellow heightens your awareness
and alleviates depression, sadness,
or any kind of despondency.
--Tae Yun Kim

21 March 2013

Feelin' Purple (2)

Sometimes one or two pix

isn't enough..... 


I liked this ....

ass shots of both me and Sadie!!


Feelin' Purple

Feelin' just a little purple today...

First day off after a 10 day stretch....

Feels good to be kickin' around

and doing nothing for a change!


Monday after work, I took Sadie
for a walk in the park and took this
impromptu picture - yes, I was on 
the phone even! - and I'm embarrassed
now to realize that I can no longer wear
these pants in public, no matter how
comfortable they are! 
Redefining the baggy look 
isn't a fashion statement on me!

18 March 2013


“Does all your underwear

look like it belongs in a

high-class strip show?” 

-Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Fancy Pants

Ok, so maybe these don't qualify,

but there's something sweet about

wearing something you didn't

think you could wear!

Sexy undies

make a gal

feel terrific!

16 March 2013


Feelin' the sun on my skin.....

when i got home from work

the sun was streaming in

the window

so i just had to snap a pic!

Happy Weekend!!

15 March 2013


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, 
than a woman being unapologetically herself; 
comfortable in her perfect imperfection. 
To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”  
-Steve Maraboli

14 March 2013


the last in a series of

morning joy pictures

i like the almost

"supergirl' look of

the shadow, as if its

a cape .....

Gal : saving the world

(from boredom?!?!?!)

one photo at a time!

(ok, i'm chuckling over that one!)

13 March 2013

Q&A - Who Knew?

some odd little tidbits....
as some of you know,
i go to the gym often,
on my own quest to lose
a few pounds
(no worries, I won't lose the curves!)

Today was special in that I hit a new goal:
total loss of 35 pounds since last March.
*pats herself on the back*

Humans are funny - we look in the mirror and see the person we always saw, not the new forms and shapes that happen when we work out, eat less, or do something else.  Having this blog has helped because i get to see a little bit of the progress through my photos (i still see the 'old' shape when i look in the mirror!)

i don't always shop well ... forgetting that my body is a different size now.  Every now and then i'll pull an old tshirt out of the drawer and slip it on and think wow, this thing's all stretched out! But a real measure for me hit me today:  I can wear my custom sized toe rings again!  I grabbed them out of my jewelry box and slipped them on easily, and went whoa.  Who knew toes get fatter or skinnier?  I haven't worn these toe rings since ... before 1998.  Damn, i'm proud of myself :) :) :)


Some mornings, you just want to twirl and dance with joy!
(ok, maybe AFTER you've had your coffee!)

12 March 2013

No Peeking!

If you peeked
into my window
you'd find me
all sprawled out,
and letting loose
of the day's

is it Friday yet?

lots of traffic here lately...
thanks so much for stopping by!


"The front door 

to springtime 

is a photographer's 

best friend. "

~Terri Guillemets

My flowers are beginning

to bloom, and birds

get up early to sing

their morning song

when the sun shines!

11 March 2013


Even when its

chilly outside,

when the sun shines

its a beautiful day!

If we had no winter, 
the spring would not be so pleasant; 
if we did not sometimes 
taste of adversity, 
prosperity would not be so welcome.  
~Anne Bradstreet

10 March 2013


Just a few morning shots.....

i have to confess, 

after 2 days of clouds, 
after my shower,

before i even dressed,

i was very happy

to see the sun!

Being a morning person,

I dashed outdoors........ :)

09 March 2013

At Rest



the most 

important thing 

in a whole day 
is the rest we take 

between two deep breaths.  

~Etty Hillesum

Just taking a day to rest up

and get myself prepared ---

an intense work week

coming up ....

but I'll survive :) 

06 March 2013

Joyful Shower

I literally danced my way

into the shower tonight....

We've reached the week's

halfway mark, and

the weekend is getting close!

But my joyful shower mood

was more for my positive results

from my work at the gym....

hard work pays off --- eventually!

“Every one who has taken a shower

has had an idea.

It's the person who gets

out of the shower, dries off and

does something about it

that makes a difference.”

― Nolan Bushnell

05 March 2013

Bits n'Pieces

Sometimes the "accidents"

one captures make for

interesting viewpoints.

I like the filmy look

of movement here.

  Just a lil' cleavage shot

because its been a while.

I'd just gotten out

of the shower,

slipped into my nightie,

and thought of you!

and a quick look over
my shoulder, because I was
having a fun moment!

04 March 2013


“And like flowers in the fields,

that make wonderful views,

when we stand side-by-side

in our wonderful hues..

We all make a beauty

so wonderfully true.

We are special and different,

and just the same, too!

So whenever you look

at your beautiful skin,

from your wiggling toes

to your giggling grin...

Think how lucky you are

that the skin you live in,

so beautifully holds the

"You" who's within.”

-Michael Tyler, The Skin You Live In