27 February 2013


Just a few moments of R&R after a long day of working, and another session with my personal trainer. I really enjoy the workouts he plans, but some days are rougher than others.  He says its time to "ramp it up" after our first three weeks, and boy did he!  I was ready to collapse when I finally got home -- but in a good way :) 

Lots of lovely traffic here lately,
for that, I'm very grateful to all
of you who take time out of your
own busy day to stop by --
much appreciated!

26 February 2013


Just a couple of quickies

it feels good getting back 

into the swing of things.....

My family was here for 10 days;

as always, it makes things 

very busy, and loads of fun!

But I was feeling out of touch

because I haven't 

posted anything for a while!!!

 When you look 

at your life, 

the greatest happinesses 

are family happinesses.  

~Joyce Brothers

Check out 

the bobby sox!

I look like 

I'm ready for

another workout! 

(sometimes, its easy
to forget to remember
the little details....)

18 February 2013


Just a quick look

 from behind

(I may not post for the next week
or so as family is in town.)

12 February 2013


This position looks
a little strange...

but my personal trainer
gave me homework....

wall push ups.

ooo yay !

(Even Sadie watched and wondered)

“We are all born sexual creatures,

thank God, but it's a pity 

so many people 

despise and crush this natural gift.”

-Marilyn Monroe

09 February 2013


 What men call the shadow of the body

is not the shadow of the body,

but is the body of the soul. 

-Oscar Wilde


We are shaped by our thoughts;

we become what we think.

When the mind is pure, 

joy follows like a shadow

that never leaves.


i really enjoy photos

taken in the early

morning light.

(of course, 

my puppy wonders

 what we're doing!)

07 February 2013

Black Lingerie

"You don't buy black lingerie

unless you want 

someone to see them."



 There is just 

something alluring 

about a little black lace

now and then....


05 February 2013

Black Bows

Giggles and curls, 

ribbons and bows,

She's so adorable 

from her head 

to her toes

Took a little time to myself

to make some pictures

to post here! 

Life is busy, and yet I have

felt stagnant lately.  So I 

did it again -- I hired a 

personal trainer 

to get myself jump-started!


02 February 2013


"The wind envelops you with 

a certain purpose in mind, 

and it rocks you. 

The wind knows everything 

that's inside you. 

And not just the wind. 

Everything, including a stone. 

They all know us very well. 

From top to bottom. 

It only occurs to us at certain times. 

And all we can do

is go with those things. 

As we take them in, 

we survive, and deepen.” 

-Haruki Murakami, 
Hear the Wind Sing

Wish I'd been smiling.  
And that the dog leash didn't have to be attached to me.  
Sadie and I headed out on a hike this morning; 
the sun was just warming, the breeze was cool, it was a beautiful day! 
and it fed my soul :)