31 January 2013

My Girls

Today was my annual mammogram,

gotta take care of "my girls"  :)

So I snapped a quick pic.....

If the lady in your life

hasn't had her

annual mammogram

remind her to do it -

It's so very important!

Remembering "picklehead" and everyone else
who has fought this battle.

29 January 2013

Artsy Edits

i took the liberty

of adding a few edits

(something I don't often do)

to the "Hatful of Rain" pix


27 January 2013

Hatful of Rain


Lovehearts on an old stone building
Have no relevance now ....

'Cos I don't mind, 

I'm still satisfied
With just a hatful of rain

early morning,
and we have some
delightful rain
here in the
Valley of the Sun
which made me think
of a Del Amitri song
that I really like called
"Hatful of Rain"
and thought it would
make a good
theme for the blog.
Hope you like it :)

26 January 2013

Black Tie Optional

“There are many

good inventions on earth,

some useful,

some pleasing:

for their sake,

the earth is to be loved.

And there is such a variety

of well-invented things

that the earth is like

 the breasts of a woman:

useful as well as pleasing.” 

 -Friedrich Nietzsche

24 January 2013


Whatever with the past is gone,
the best is always yet to come.
-Lucy Larcom

Wishing a very dear
friend of mine
a very
happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mr.OC!!!

21 January 2013

Q & A

i've always been honest in my posts,
sometimes a little shy,
but i've grown,
 i've come a long way in that regard.
but in the overall picture,
 i am who i am.

its easy to make assumptions
about a woman who's brave enough
to do what I do.
but i'm no different than other women
who aren't as daring --
i still want someone to share
things with, to share life with,
someone who is
the missing half of me.

i've found friends here,
and i've lost friends.
there are some who don't understand
why i do what i do
and some who assume what i do
means i'm easy, that this is about sex.
far from it!

I'm just an average girl-next-door type
who thinks all female forms 
are beautiful, 
who's a little braver than most :)

19 January 2013

16 January 2013


"I'm convinced we all are voyeurs. 

It's part of the detective thing. 

We want to know secrets and 

we want to know what goes on 

behind those windows. 

And not in a way that we 

would use to hurt anyone. 

There's an entertainment value to it, 

but at the same time we want to know: 

What do humans do? 

Do they do the same things as I do? 

It's a gaining of some sort of knowledge, I think."

-David Lynch

14 January 2013


“Usually, when the distractions
of daily life deplete our energy,
the first thing we eliminate
is the thing we need the most:
quiet, reflective time.
Time to dream,
time to contemplate
what's working and what's not,
so that we can make changes for the better. ”
-Sarah Breathnach

13 January 2013

Brave Enough

For the first time today, I encountered
someone who posted a negative
comment about a picture.  I, of all
people, realize that nude art is
subjective to the eyes of
those who look at it.
All nudes are not created equal.
All human bodies are unique works
of art in that no two are alike.  
(No worries, it wasn't here on the blog)

My first instinct was to get all catty about his comment, but it's not worth my time.  Rather, if I'm going to spend time writing about it, its to reiterate that I take my pictures because there are women out there like me who don't have a perfect body, and who may not feel good about who they are because they don't look like women in the media, which portrays beauty in a very limited way.

Yes, I'm brave enough to be different... are you?

12 January 2013

Mirror Play

“It is when you lose sight of yourself, 
that you lose your way. 
To keep your truth in sight 
you must keep yourself in sight 
and the world to you should be a mirror 
to reflect to you your image; 
the world should be a mirror 
that you reflect upon.”
-C. JoyBell C.

i like to use a mirror
for reflection pix

sometimes a mirror
lets us see things
we might not see

and sometimes
we see more
than we want 
to see!

07 January 2013

Flowers 2

 Bread feeds the body, indeed, 

but flowers feed also the soul.  

~The Koran

Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals.  Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

06 January 2013


How can one 
help shivering 
with delight 
when one's 
hot fingers 
close around 
the stem 
of a live flower, 
cool from 
the shade 
and stiff with 
newborn vigor!  

04 January 2013

New start

Holiday seasons can be rough,
all those added things
we want to do,
need to do,
and have to do
build up.
Yes, even for me.

Christmas day was bright and sunny,
so Sadie and I took a jaunt around
our favorite place. :)

Lucky for us, we were able to
see the American White Pelicans
who stopped here on their
journey to wherever pelicans
go for the winter :)

But it's a brand new year,
a brand nude start,
and wouldn't you know,
a week with a holiday in it,
and I end up working 50+ hours.

So I stopped after work today
and treated myself to a pedicure.

Its a luxury every woman should
have now and then!

Toes look so pretty all
polished up again!