30 August 2012

More Red

Hot day

sprinkler play

i played with some

camera settings

to see what would happen.

I like how vivid the reds are .....

until there is no more red dress.

I feel all washed out in these


but then, lately, I've been

feeling that way


The clarity

surprised me on this one ..

right down to the

bra line

left on my skin

29 August 2012

Red Sundress


Something about a girl 

in a red sundress

With an ice cold beer 

pressed against her lips

If you're a country music fan,

you might recognize the lyrics

(sung by Kip Moore  youtube link)

27 August 2012

Discovering Me

“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. 
You have to leave the city of your comfort 
and go into the wilderness of your intuition. 
What you’ll discover will be wonderful. 
What you’ll discover is yourself.” 
— Alan Alda

Every once in a while, people wonder why I do this.
It's not much different from people who do needlepoint,
or sew, or paint.  Its just me being creative.  Hope you enjoy!

26 August 2012


 There needs to be some sort

of creativity in my weekends

or it feels like they're wasted.

Only carved out 

a little bit of time

for me.

But sometimes

that's how life goes.

"The essential part 
of creativity 
is not being afraid 
to fail." 
— Edwin H. Land

23 August 2012


i haven't posted 
in a while
as i haven't had
a minute to spare
i have a new puppy
which can be fun!
but is also
a lot of work....

looking forward to
getting some pix
this weekend
~Gal :)

19 August 2012


Live in the sunshine, 
swim the sea, 
drink the wild air.  
~Ralph Waldo Emerson



spent the day 


with my


good times, great joy!

18 August 2012

Ensoleillement (3/3)

A beautiful August morning...

full of sunshine!

“Where there is light,

there must be shadow,

where there is shadow

there must be light.

There is no shadow without light

and no light without shadow....

― Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

and such a curvy shadow it is!

The title of sunshine in French
is my way of thanking friends
from all over the world  ~Gal  :)

солнечный свет (2/3)

A gorgeous August morning...

full of sunshine!

“The desert, when the sun comes up...

I couldn't tell where heaven stopped 

and the Earth began.”

― Tom Hanks

The title of sunshine in Russian
is my way of saying thank you to
friends from all over the world  ~Gal

Sonnenschein (1/3)

A gorgeous August morning ....

full of sunshine! 

“Morning is an important time of day, 
because how you spend your morning 
can often tell you what kind of day 
you are going to have.”
― Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book 


i found the shadow

on the wall

more intriguing

than the pose :)

The title of sunshine in German
is my way of thanking my friends
from all over the world  ~Gal

17 August 2012


Sometimes its difficult to convey how it feels to live here in the Valley of the Sun. The open land, the amazing changing topography as you travel in different parts. There is a deep connection here - something nearly tangible you can feel when you walk in places where others have walked. The ancient ones' philosophy of life "is a deep sense of spiritual communion with Mother Earth.  It is about being in touch with ourselves and everything around us.  It is about knowing and understanding that we are part of everything, and everything is a part of us."

May the warm winds of heaven
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit
Bless all who enter there.
May your moccasins
Make happy tracks
In many snows,
And may the rainbow
Always touch your shoulder.

Q&A:   Back in 1998, I moved to Ohio where our family became members at Fort Ancient which contains a collection of Native American earthworks.  We would attend ceremonies and festivals, watching local Indian dance, make crafts, and see how life was lived "way back then".   And I had to have a pair of moccasins, of course!  These are well loved, well worn, and still comfy.  I then moved to Arizona in 2008, and find I am still fascinated with Native American ways and lore.  I am also in the process of reading "Ceremony" by Leslie Marmon Silko.  She is an accomplished Native American writer, and her story is centered in Arizona.  Which explains why I had to pull out my mocs and take a picture!

15 August 2012

Magic Realm

When a song stirs a memory, 

when motes of dust 

turning in a shaft of light 

takes your attention from the world, 

when you listen to a train 

passing on a track at night 

in the distance 

and wonder where it might be going, 

you step beyond 

who you are and where you are. 

For the briefest of instants, 

you have stepped into the magic realm.


the last two shots

in this series

sometimes its

harder to get a good shot

when the lighting

is brighter in spots.

11 August 2012


i like the contrasts

of black and white

in my photography

i also enjoy playing

with angles of light

this is early 

Saturday morning, 

hot and bright outdoors

morning light filtered

through window blinds

"Every time the light 

shines through the window ...

... That's going to be me. 

I'll be the light in the window." 

~Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

10 August 2012


"I didn't ask for it to be over,

but then again, I never asked

for it to begin.  For that's the

way it is with life, as some of

the most beautiful days

come completely by chance.

But even the most beautiful

days eventually have

their sunsets."

07 August 2012


You're the one who makes me happy

You're the sun who makes me shine

When you're around,

I'm always laughing

I wanna make you mine

I don't want

anybody else

when I think about you

I touch myself.

05 August 2012


A self portrait helps
a person gain
and allows some
reflections of the past year
pondering of the year to come

As we get older, 
those things seem to become
more important.

 The secret of staying young 
is to live honestly, 
eat slowly, 
and lie about your age.  
~Lucille Ball

Maybe I should have put on
a party hat
or shoes
but today feels like
a bare kind of day.
Inside every older person 
is a younger person 
wondering what happened.  
~Jennifer Yane

04 August 2012


Just a little humor ....


Every year
i take a self portrait
for my birthday

when my kids were small
i was the photographer

self timers weren't as popular
on camera models back then

there aren't many pictures
of me during those decades
(maybe i'm making up
for lost time now?? haha)

I'm lucky that I
was able to spend
my day with my family
and will treasure the memories

01 August 2012


back from a short vacation
to visit family.
time away
is always a good thing
but i'm happy to be back.