29 July 2012


 "Lace -- the invention of a goddess and the occupation of a queen." ~Vinciolo

28 July 2012

Soup's On!

Some of you may know,
I've been updating my kitchen
so I thought that might be a
good place to get a few pix
from the corner of my world!

26 July 2012


"Color outside the lines, 
life is more interesting that way"

Hope you liked the different colors.
I had fun making them. :)

25 July 2012

22 July 2012

Rain Dance

huge storm blew through

our Valley on Saturday.

So I danced in the rain... :)


Due to Technical Difficulties,
I am off the internet for a few days
trying to get a replacement modem.
Mine seems to have 'fried' with a
lightning strike in a storm Saturday night.

Apparently the only type of
modem/router that will work with
my service (CenturyLink)
is one of their modems.
Offices are closed til Monday,
they'll ship one to me, should be
here by Weds.  With Luck.

Have you ever noticed that funky things happen
in relation to the amount of things you want to
get done, or how much anticipation you've had
for a certain time period?

I've spent the past 24 hours dealing with storms
and stores and phone calls, and not the things
I had wanted to do.  Lucky Me!

Thank you for your understanding :)

21 July 2012


haven't posted in a few days
life has gotten a little crazy.....

taking my son to the airport
check in, flight delayed 3 hours
head back home and ... wait.
back to the airport... flight cancelled
head back home and ... wait.

Flight rescheduled for Sat at 1:45pm

Taking my son to the airport
get checked in
and of course they say
"everything's on schedule"

Plane boarded
Ahhh, my sigh of relief

New Text @145
Flight delayed 30 minutes
broken door handle.

New Text @240
Still waitin'

New Text @317
Ohh God we're switchin' planes

New Text @339
They're putting us back on the same damn plane!

They finally departed at 4:15.....

Who could make this stuff up?? *chuckles*
That was my entire day...
wait, wait, wait, wait

"Experience has taught me this, 
that we undo ourselves by impatience.  ~Michel de Montaigne

16 July 2012


Ahh.... Mondays.

If you're like me, Mondays

are the start of the work week.

And by day's end,

all you want to do

is relax and put your feet up.

Hope your Monday

was a good one!


15 July 2012

Nice Ass!

Do not walk behind me 

for you are not my slave, 

and do not walk next to me, 

even though you are my equal.. 

but walk five steps in front of me 

cause baby you got a nice ass! 

 ~Allyn Rodriguez!

It's not often that I 

have myself 

a shopping spree

so I snapped a few

like this.  :)

14 July 2012


 days are bright and sunny
laughter bubbles up
always smiling
when the heart believes

"don't let it go
to your head" he said
but how can it not
when the heart believes


when truths are uncovered
the heart shatters
pieces left in tatters
and the heart no longer believes.

Women are sentimental creatures.

We buy things on hopes and dreams.

And often attach meaning to them

When that hope or dream  never happens....

 what to do with those ~things~ ?

At the Park, pt2

Be still and listen

to the rustle of leaves

in the afternoon breeze.

Watch kids having fun

on a playground

as they romp without cares

come climb

the monkey bars

with me !
there is beauty here

in the Valley of the Sun

this isn't a pile of sand

as we're so inclined to 

think when we hea

 the word 'desert'.

Superstition Mountain

bathed in afternoon sunlight

looks like a painting

of muted colors.

Cottonwood leaves

against a blue sky

and plenty of

wildlife if you're

patient enough

to watch for it.

13 July 2012

At the Park

a day in the park

watching for storms

hoping for rain

Somewhat pensive .....


 and somewhat playful .....

 nothing like getting

back to nature

to feel grounded again .....

 When was the last time

you played at the park?

When was the last time you spent 
a quiet moment just doing nothing --
just sitting and looking at the sea,
or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs,
or waves rippling on a pond, 
a flickering candle or children playing in the park?
~Ralph Marston

12 July 2012

Caught Me!

Oh it seems to me 

this whole world's gone crazy

There's too much 

hate and killin goin on

But when I see the 

bare chest of a woman

My worries and my problems 

are all gone

No one thinks of fightin, 

when they see a topless girl

Baby if you would 

show yours too, 

we could save the world

~Rodney Carrington

 Oooops -- ya caught me! 

Mr. Jim, thank you for the lyrics!!
Hope you enjoy the ... interpretation *winks*

08 July 2012


You use a glass mirror 
to see your face; 
you use works of art 
to see your soul.
~George Bernard Shaw 

Today, I wandered over to the ASU campus to look at architecture.  I'm very drawn to old buildings.  So I snapped a couple of selfportraits to share. 

Hope everyone has a terrific week!

07 July 2012

Nap Time





Busy morning

Means its nap time!

I count it as a certainty

that in paradise, 

everyone naps.  

~Tom Hodgkinson


Live in the sunshine, 
swim the sea, 
drink the wild air.  
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ohh the joys of a morning swim


Ahhhhh, come relax with me!

And tan lines after :)

The man who is swimming against the stream 
knows the strength of it.  
~Woodrow T. Wilson