22 June 2018

Hot and More Hot

"The water that came

last winter is long gone.

"Female rain," it's called in Navajo:

the gentle, furtive rains that fall

from overcast skies between

November and March....

What we're waiting for now

is male rain.

Big, booming,


cloudbursts that bully up from Mexico

and threaten to rip the sky."

~Barbara Kingsolver

Yessirree it's hot today!

Not record breaking,

but hot enough!

An overdue day off

and too hot to do much of anything.

Our summer rains we call monsoon

because they come in fast,

the rain falls heavy and hard.

Thunder and lightning 

might rip across the sky

and can be very exciting!

In the meantime, 

I'm finding any

little bits of shade...... 


20 June 2018

Silly Things

May you find

the balance of life,

time for work

but also time for play.

Too much of one thing

ends up creating stress

that no one needs in their life."

-Catherine Pulsifer

Hello, My Friend!

Yes, I'm still here, and yes, still overly busy

with work and dealing the stuff we call life.

And in my usual weirdness, as I'm creating

this post, I'm also usually busy googling

things - because one thing leads to another!

Am I addicted?

not like I used to be, but I still find myself

looking up things I never thought to look up!

Today I was looking for a quote about being tired.

I just got done with another 11-day stretch of work

and only have today off.  So after my shower,

I slipped out to watch the sun set.  Always gorgeous

here in the Valley of the Sun!

But what I found amazing?  Is a photo of a woman's

bedroom where she had decorated the area above

her bed by hanging hats on the wall. 

For years I have hung all my hats on display

(and thought I was nuts for doing so!)

But if you Google "Hats on bedroom wall" .....

I.  Am.  Not.  The.  Only.  One! ! !

lmao.  The silly things I find on Google!